Steve Anderson


Them don’t solve the daily issues one meet head on..

Question why would you not want to do the math to bringing and have better ?

Not just to get out of a bad situation but to brng good to
your life, or to assisting a love one or friend, and many times it’s
a new acquaintance passing truth and understanding with sound knowledge giving freely to each other, the power within..

To be apart of better, makes you a winner, and as a team player that
gives time to assisting others the light of better creates winner within and
to each other..

If the path becomes unknown most likely it’s from you not getting what you want, and people im not talking about sleep, or getting your fun
thing moved..

At this time I must ask you, is more better ? YEA RIGHT..

I heard another say just alittle not much and I’m cool, well many have
settled and is content with what they have I guess, that’s on them until,
they see a person performance that deliveres better all from having knowledge and understanding of the power of words with honesty..

I’m not speaking on being rich or well off shit some people ant
living right by the chooses and their actions that have brought pure corruption upon others and themselves~[NOT ALL BUT MANY]~ thats another story, at another time..

It’s not about the old saying (you can’t take all you own to the hereafter)..

It has to do with what’s not taking place in your life, its
only so many reasons and they all start with the lack of honor,
truth, honesty, knowledge, information, support, and guidance..

People keep in mind time don’t wait for no one and you can’t go back in time, ant no start overs and a waste is the pure ness of nothing..

It could be your not were you wish to be in your career, or within self, it’s many reasons, I’ll leave some for you to bring to your thoughts or to be pondered upon, your best thoughts should take place within, be sure to stop the ones labled very fulfeelng with Growth, knowledge, understanding..

This can also boggle ones mind trying to figure new ways to having a better relationship with a family member, or your better half, one may want a new house or car, but haven’t the means to bring that into reality, these things and many others has the power to placing one in a rut within yourself..

To lose focus is just as being lost, and misunderstood..

Selfesteem is very imperative to gaining growth within yourself, not to the point were your praising yourself on any or everything you do, but to take notice to your skills and your accomplishments, or apart of building onto the self-esteem and self discipline that you have..

Spending your time wisely in learning new things can also assist you in bringing growth and happyness to your life, and if we give things a fair chance one could actually have fun..

A rut, the unhappy moments has the power to bring change, once you identifie what’s holding you back form moving foreword to the thing you want to have in your world or wish to take part in..

To become unfocused in making sound decision or the right moves that would fore sure put you in a better position, is to realize you done fall off on another’s ideal of fun or the drag of I know alot, that spells nothing..

For you to reach that point is to give time to analyzing your life, in doing so that means some people will also be dismissed, one must keep in mind one negitive person can affect ten great mind..

It’s call being in a rut, (meaning) when one does not make the decisions thats in needed of comng in reality..

I also tell people this, Gilligan ant never getting off the islanddue to not acting when one need to act..

To not make any decisions at all, that kinda funny cause it seems we always find or look to the wrong person who don’t have good advice due to honesty not caring or the life experiences, and thier opinion has no strenth to solving any life matters..

So on that note nothing changes but your frame of mind that goes into the settling mode, or into thinking everything will work it self outIT NEVER DOES, and sometimes things take a turn for the worse due to letting so much time go by with dong nothing..

Mother told me years ago fake friends believe in rumors, real friends believe in you, with real friends you can always speak your mind & ask for sincere advice, & they will assist you to the best that they can give you, just as their time it’s all done out of respect & love that they have for you..

As I have said you will come to know I’m not a man of circumstance, but a man of integrity my situation situation does not defined me In anyway at all, so don’t let your do you..

I dent get to vet over this piece I’m hoping you enjoy it, it’s lot to gain in my words, even when I get lost..


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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