Steve Anderson

WHAT ROAD IS YOU ON…it’s only two, up or down.

Life is as of a roller coaster, due to the up’s and downs that my appear
out of the blue, some caused by our own miss moves, (meaning, due
to our actions or words), resulting in an unwanted situation, sometimes there caused by another person’s actions or words, in some cases [both]..

Most importantly God told everyone very clearly and symbolically~{you} will be tested in different situations involving good and bad issues..

The blessing are the gaining of truth, understanding, faith, hope, and
wisdom, rewarding in healthy living in making things better, and not having repeats of the same old issues in bad unhealthy affairs that
gives nothing to ones life..[10\22/2016]

It’s a reason why you have one mouth and two ears, yes to listen
is to learn to pay attention is a gainful experience..

The gain is understanding, in using all the knowledge in your toolbelt it can never be to full..

To know is joyful, to share is a big part of life creating trophy
memerys and assistanceing others as you travel on your journey not only passing down what brings one growth, but also being apart of creating trophies in others people’s lives..

(meaning) trophies are memory stored in ones heart..

So what does last forever ? not human life on earth, God has asigned
so many year to each of us, then again some human don’t get
no air time some very little, when that time comes the hereafter will
kicks into play, it’s all God’s decision, He is the one and only

I ask you, what are five things on dryland that last forever ?

I have my answers just as you have yours, but do you really have
any answers to share ?


Thats really cool that you’re’ giving your time to sharing your opinion, feelings, or even a thoughts or some knowledge, you wish to share, it’s giving your time and words thats what’s up..


I come to understand this next statement to be fact and it shows [when you love to share truth], about healthy gains be greatful for more then one..


(meaning) > anything that brings healthy change..

The man’s name is Mr, Smith he was up in age yea, 107yrs old lived
out in Bakersfield California, we became good friends by sharing
truth and knowledge oneday with each other..

He told me that the truth and knowledge will never be just for you,
so fall in love with sharing it with many people as you can..

you’ll be able to see and feel the added growth within yourself once the truth and knowledge is properly downloaded into your words and actions and others as well will recognize the truth within themselves just by what you display..

And they will be willing to seek guidance to starting for themselves the seeking of truth and knowledge to say intruth they will come to understand the importance of truth and knowledge, for the shaping of ones life..

Perseverance let your losses and your success get you where you want to be in life, a loss should only be a motivator to succeeding, in what brings you not just joy or happyness but stageability..

So yes it’s a must to share especially with issues that you love that
you know with your heart to be the truth, putting someone starts good conversation’s that becomes good company..

It’s a very beneficial gain in listening in more then one way, and the
importance of saying in truth comes with doing deep research sometimes a matter or issue, to be able to say I understand don’t come with any
of those additive [ if’s and’s or but’s..]

Please know the most important issue here is you go through this journey on earth or sobe out at sea, you’ll have life issues that will take you up, just as you can bet with just as many will
also bring you down..

It’s no such thing as I hit bottom, when you settlte with that saying..

It’s just a bad situation, that you have no knowledge or very little to deal with this matter that have entered your life,, all bad situation have solutions..

That bottom is really a form of giving up also has just entered your life, rather it’s a must to hold yourself together so you can conduct yours in a proper fashion, staying focus gets things done in the right way..

All you can do is strap on your seatbelt and prepare best as you can for the journey ride that life gives, (inmeaning) keeping out the way of people that think their all that and bring nothing to the table but the unness..

(meaning) undesirable problems..

sure your gut may turn and you may scream a little when you going downhill, [inmeaning]> dealing with any upsetting issues that my bring you to feel alone on earth, don’t worrie you’ll get a chance to breathe a little on you way back up, and the ride is joyful..

Only thing is, it may seem like the ride downhill is longer then
the one uphill..

Don’t worry though, after the storm the sun will shine just to say
any real struggle do not last long it’s a gift that come with
it and that’s growth, strength, hope & faith and knowledge with understanding..

Thats life’s trials and tribulations..

Helps you appreciate it more when you finally make it, that is the
top being happy with all your toys, including the people that you care and love around you, and doing what you love to do, oh others call that a JOB..

If you speed to the top without any struggles, you’ll tend to
not respect some of the imperative lessons that can only be gained
from whitin the struggle that God has planned for you..

Its better to climb slowly, as they say slow motion is better then none..

Just look at some of life issues as your taking the scenic route,
geting a chance to study life’s precious lessons, and giving time to
ponder on what the creater has given..

when your going uphill with no miss moves made, life will be good
so besure to be thankful to self and others that played apart of
the success in your life, and the ones you come across that are in
need as I have stated it’s a blessing to be able to bless another..

That’s what im doing now, I’m being taught a lesson, in many ways and
not just cause I did wrong, I made good on the that with God..

To know is to understand the knowledge that can makes life very filling.. The End
Take care *

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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