Jonathan Gordon


Thanks/Praise to God

Being in prison is a HUGE obstacle that creates other more complicated & crucial HUGE obstacles.

Most people who are in prison or who’ve been in prison lack the know-how & ability to overcome these obstacles. We are left feeling defeated & lost so the mentality is: “F*** it, I don’t give a f*** no more.”

That is a very dangerous attitude to have.

The resources to help people are very limited & mostly unknown & unused. There isn’t too many people who direct us to where we need to go to receive the help we need.

A lot of time when we do go to the place where help is available, we are told the program is full or limited to only certain “Special” cases who have met the “Criteria” because of limited funding & staff.

That happens inside & outside of the prison walls & can be a frustrating deterrent for one who needs the help.

It’s not hard to imagine why people get out & get caught up then come right back…Personally I see it every Monday when the new chain comes in.


This is literally a life or death situation…I have personally seen people who were just in jail/prison with me get out & within days or weeks or months either overdosed & dead from drugs or shot & killed.

It happens everyday in the USA, yet does anyone care?
What’s been done to prevent these tragedies?
One minute a person sitting with you drinking a cup a Joe talking about what they’re gonna do when they get out, smiling knowing there time is almost up….Next you know– you get word that they are DEAD.
How does this happen?

When people get out, they are supposed to take on the world, execute all these grandiose plans, they have a brand new beginning, a clean fresh start…
You are happy for them…

Why do we take our new leases on life & ruin them?
Why do we get out & keep messing up?
Does being in prison mess us up so badly psychologically that 90% of time we are destined to fail?

Where is the help/guidance/direction/rehabilitative programs we need before we get out that will prevent these tragedies?

We get out & basically are discarded pieces of trash left on the curb to get stomped on, lost & forgotten…

Society looks us by as we silently suffer & fall into a whirlwind of problem after problem after problem…

The pressures mount to the point where some people eventuly snap & do something drastic–which can lead to suicide or murder…

Once again, personally I have witnessed both.

I have known people who got out & either committed suicide or killed someone, it’s sad, tragic waste of lives….

How do we keep them from snapping?

Does being in prison mess people up so badly they resort to committing suicide/murder?

Or was it already inside them to commit suicide/murder long before prison?

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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  1. The good Lord will see you through man, only if you can believe. This light affliction is for a while 2Cor 4:17.
    Jesus loves you.


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