Steve Anderson

LIFE GETS BETTER, just as wine furments to it’s greatest taste over time

Im only responsible for what I do and say, not for what fashion you comprehen my words they are very clear though and full of knowledge,
understanding, and honesty, I don’t band what I can’t understand or
write to be disrespectful or to involve myself in any kind of word wars..

I take life as it comes with no complaints or sad stories to tell, many
others have given poison with their half truths and whole lies..

So I try hard not to be one to make myself an exception to
be around them kind people that have no laws, (MEANING) values, self respect, loyalty, honor, morals, understanding, knowledge along
with positive thoughts..

I deal with life and everything for what it is, not what I would like
it to be, my strength is determined by the moral characteristics that have been chiseled within my heart, I say it is that, but it is also perseverance, in not giving the power within to another, your rights as a human, [YOURS].

I naver ask why things are the way they are, but l look foreword to
the messages that could be hindered by listening to the words spoaken..

Its very imperative to hear what people are saying as they give you secretly gain knowledge, sometimes unknowly..

I just accept people for who they are, yes I’m one of them people
that will kick back with you and pick your brain for knowledge that you
want known you was giving..

Let us ponder on Bonolito’s words that run deep in all souls : if
you are silent about your pain, they’ll kill you and say you enjoyed
it, just as a good card player is one to never shows their hand
under no reason that would show your opponent your next thought..

I’m a realist in love with truth, Honesty, Loyalty, Honor to and for, self discipline, very passionate, with courage, intelligent and last and imperative also just as the others that I have stated, please add integrity to the list also..

It’s law to for you to be unpredictable and difficult to be read by the enemies and commi spies, people always let fear be a motivator to not be a victim of another’s journey.

Listen to me, just because life has dealt you a fuck-up hand doesn’t mean you have to play like you got nothing to lose, life is good and only your actions and words can bring you better, it’s there..

Trying to get your self killed may seem like the easy way out, but don’t be chinken shit about not giving time too understanding who you are, not what other want you to be, it’s more too you witbin..

Fight for your life, and rule in dignity, righteousness, and intelligence..”

Give no man, woman, or child your life so freely..

You’re beaten, but not broken, your down, but not out..

And if you ain’t got nothing..”

Life, you got life……..

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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