Destin DeWyze


I never liked to admit I was wrong, but I was wrong in a lot of things when it came to you. Really wish I could be out there sooner so I can show you how much I changed, but would it really matter? Are we too far gone or can we still mend this relationship. I say mend because “a relationship can only be mended, can never be fixed because people forgive you but they never forget.” A quick quote from Haystack, should some up how I feel right now.

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest let’s move on… Prison is supposed to be a place for correction, right? Department of Corrections I believe it’s called. So tell me why people come here to do there time and either come out racist, or they learn how to be a better criminal. Let’s help the individuals in here that want the change, or offer more classes that will actually do something for a person upon release. Well I’m just ranting and let’s stop that now, I’m not much of a blogger but if your interested in conversation, Politics, poetry, LOVE, really anything at all, please get ahold of me. I am a good listener. =)

Destin DeWyze
DOC #366278


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