Jesse Bailey

Women in Prison

Just in the last 4 months the LGBT community has made its way to prison. Specifically this one. SCCC

A few months ago I saw a person walking around with this girlishly walk or sway. He had long hair, down to their back. His head was on a swivel like he might have been high on meth. Looking in every direction. Like he was scared.

As he rounded the yard and got closer to where I was, I could start to see his face.

Holly cow is that a GIRL!? Are those tits on him!? Looks like he has a full C. What in the world am I seeing?

I’ve see a lot of Homosexual’s in prison over the 14years. This is only the second one like this, I have ever seen in prison.

This was a full blown, visual girl. I assume other than the plumbing. Or he wouldn’t be on the yard with us.

Come to find out from other people that have known him for along time. I guess he has been locked up before, and for consecutive years. While he was out this last time he started hormone therapy. He has had makeup tattooed on his face so he looks more like a girl. Eye liner & lip stick.

Surprise, it all worked! You look like a girl!

The warden here, she seems to be promoting all this. She just started working here this year. She has now accumulated several over the last few months. I have seen quite a few now, and more continue to come out of the closet or get here off the chain.

They have privileges, groups meetings, Special clothes and are even protected in ways.

They are giving women’s clothes if they come out and say they identify with being a female. Panties, bra’s and other things women have. Its an odd thing to see and hear about.

The people that are openly gay seem to feel more comfortable now. They look to as have their head held a little higher. That’s cool in all. Be confident about yourself and who you are. I can respect that.

I have been wondering though about something. When a transgender person has to be striped searched who does it? A male CO or Female or do both have to be there? I don’t know.

This change in my environment is something that I will have to watch unfold here as time goes on. I am sure more things are going to change around here in the future.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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