Aaron Schaefers

Aaron Schaefers

hello world,
this is my first blog that I have ever done. so I am a 35 yr old guy that is currently incarcerated in Washington state correction facility. I am a father of 4 girls and very proud of it, they are my world and hope that they will continue on their education after by graduate from high school. this girls are going to be 16,11,10, and 8. I can’t believe that they grow up so fast. I’m also a great listener, I am great person that made a bad mistake in life, now that I am changed my life on instead of helping others and not thinking that made need help also. now that I am been incarcenrated in d.o.c. I have taken classes on selfawarness and recognizing that my self needs help also. I’m now a changed man and now very well knowable on a different types of fields of work. when I do get out of prison, I am wanting to attend school and get a back in somthing that I enjoy doing like working on cars. well I’ll send this out and I see that what I get on this blog.

Now I been watching the news broadcasting for the presidential race and boy this is the most bloody race that I had ever hears in the last 10 years that I been following it. I wish I could vote on this election but due to my felony I lost my way to vote. but do sent mean I can try to get involved in helping others on what major decision should be made. I also would like to know what other people other then guys in here and the television has had said on the opinion on what they would vote on and everybodys opinions on this.

thanks for giving me a chance in having me try this.
new blogger

Aaron Schaefers
DOC #309607


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  1. Are you still incarcerated? Tell me more about your family. Will they be there for you when you get out?
    Anyone can make a mistake. I take a good strong person to admit their mistake and move forward. I wish you luck in your return to your family. Look to the bible for answers and God will help you through this.


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