Randy Brennan

Today I had the priviledge of being the table topics master at this weeks Toasmasters International meeting. We are a small group here at MCC-TRU called Twin Speaks. What’s amazing about our club is that participants help pay the $100. annual fee per member through donating their artwork and by making monthly donatios from their very modest $55. a month paychecks.

The the theme for today’s meeting was making a difference. We had members talk about defferent organizations who help inmates and reduce recidivism. The most important thing that returning citizens want is for society to make room for them. It seems like there just isn’t a place for men and women to “fit in” and reintegrate smoothly back into society. The IF project was one mentioned. Another is “adoptaninmate.org”. One is geared towards helping youth make better decisions and turn their lives around before they ever reach the adult prison system. The other is geared towards giving returning citizens a chance to earn freedom, prove that change is possible, and make a difference in their life, the lives of their families, and in society as a whole.

Overall, the meeting was about having a benevolent heart and thinking of others as they can be and not as they are.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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