Steve Anderson


I reflect back in time with my memory and over time I still fully acknowledge that I really a bad guy..

At this time I have bettered myself, I became apart of something very powerful, with educated myself with God’s Laws and the prophet ways, and other healthy trates that brings trophies in the light within my heart..

I’m kinda embarrassed to remember who I was back then, cause I understood clearly right from wrong, my ways of thinking was so off that someone could of just dropped me off at Western state hospital and they would of paid you cash money for getting me there..

I thought I knew alot, coming out of East Ockland Cali, I loved were I was born and raised all of California was my playground, I even dance in four other states..

I have no rights to brag, but I do have a powerful story to share, with many hidden jewels for the ones that give their time to reading my blogs..

My pass doesn’t define me in anyway, really it seems like a night and daytime, movie with daytime being good and the winner over the dark world of my pass into the light that shines brightly within my heart everyday..

Yes 11,yrs to the good of not being the bad guy, much work still to be done, and much knowledge to share..

One day I’m going to die, I have learned to accept death on the
fact it’s a dept we all have to pay ; some sooner then others..

I’m praying for the latter, I wish to live along time so I can give
back in all ways that God gives me the ability to do so
in more then oneway..

It’s also amazing how bad your conscious could make one feel about some of the things that you have said and done, how do one move
on from our pass? ?

All in all though, you have to decide on two things – either you
were going to let your conscious eat at you or you were going
to come to terms with who you were and now be who you are
with the approach and choices and daily decisions you make..

You must make sure they work for you, and not in a bad fashion life becomes fun to feel and see growth within your world..

And always smile when another person force’s you to make a make decision, just think what sanction should you hand down..

Understand why you made them.. And what caused you to make them
in the first place, I was cool with all mine I thought one consciousness
can be very powerful, only if you don’t have control of your thoughts..

A known fact is I understand that all my sins I commented will
come back to haunt me and I’ll be waiting for death with open
arms because it will be no more then I’ll deserve, I have done
much bad and good on dry land..

only God knows the score, as I have said never count your self out,and never rush to hell..

My aim is to tell my whole story, the whole truth, so please
know with facts on the trust of the innocence is to the liers
most useful tool’s, so in seeking knowledge and applying it
stay on point like Stacy Adam’s..

Learn, to listen and hear more so you can hear facts, watch more
then you speak and only speak when you must, say what you mean
and mean what you say, all in truth..

The wiser you are the most successful you will be, that s why
education is a must to learn is to know facts in seeking the (ANEW)..

We all have experienced, or is liveing with some kind of hardships
in some fashion, However, it was our l choices and determination that
help us get through it, sometime it will pay too bring more evil
into the situation then what the enemy broght, they shot first I was
buying bullets that day..

But what counted was how I come out of the madness by creating,
the decisions that needed to be developed and delivered that made the situation much better, with sound decisions they’ll always work for you not against you, one must analye

I’m just saying don’t spend most life looking in the window of a restaurant, wondering if he food is any good.”

I know the take-out menu is something special, and some meals are better on the go…

# ~ To be apart of this ain’t showcasin your skills in anyway !…


Olnly people with limited vocabulary use profanity as a way to geting their point across, a lady once told me it was a cool way that many people communicated with eachother or towards another person..

Her words blew me away cause as a good guy now, I look back at my
old ways, and can remember lightly were I pickup on some cuswords and slick rhyming saying, mostly coming from older people that would come to one of my moms weekend partys..

I would sneak out my room to see how they was living in the
Am hour’s, my mom would play music everyone would be kicking it dancing and what not, they know all the funny dances..

Please understand the words that people created to aply to something
in a negative fashion or to a negitive situation, can’t all of sudden in
no way be recreated into a cool saying or part of a fabb or get
used for a positive situation..

If your one to use such language, or saying thinking it’s cool or
the thing to be apart, [your wrong] it’ll only show your not [THINKING]
and your a inheritor (know as a follower), with a lake of knowledge, understanding..

THAT GOT TO HURT YOUR THINKING ABILITIES, and it shows clearly your vocabulary arrangement ain’t on point..

And to be around others that wish to use such words of disrespect,
all I can say it’s a better way to speaking to people, and as I
tell my story the ending of my words is I did it, so can

Once something is not cool, it becomes disrespect, even if its usd
in the smallest fashion of a mustardseed..

Alot of people don’t truly understand the (DISRESPECT) they give to all
the (SLAVE’S) when they choose to use the words (NIGGER~ NIGGRO) or the cool wording of (My-Nigga) or to even to say (My-Nigg)
the last two are minute, still very DISTASTEFUL..

It’s so corny you got almost every race using that (N-WORD) in
some fashion, now sure enough some still get assaulted for letting
the (N-WORD) fall out their mouth..

Just as there are other words that is very demeaning towards other races
they cannot all of a sudden become the cool thing to use or say,
if you choose to do so you’re under minding their struggle, that’s the disrespect of this topic..

What brought this on is I see so many young black man and other
races using the (N-word) thinking it’s cool, but all it does is make
others think it’s the new thing to do..

They start slipping it in (really seeing if by chance will they get checked for letting it fall out their mouth)..

Many say if your around a person more then 30, days you pickup some of their traits..

The same scenario applies to many things that get started, words and other fabbs travel fast..

When you do things in the same ways of another person and they
did it in a negative fashoin, you become an inhertor..

Now doing something after one and it’s positive exspecialy doing something for another person that uplifting them that’ll bring success to both partys, and others that witness it, just as smiling makes others
do so..

And it many other way of bring new rhythmic saying and words without the negitive being apart of the (ANEW) something positive full of growth, to your life or issue..

Anyone can adds to something that’s cool already and it becomes cooler all done in truth and a positive fashion..

Think about someone that freely tells you a lie about something and you download that info to be the truth so now its in your belief
box, not only that but at that time you signup to be an
inheritor cause you dent do your homework..

The last part of my his blog is this, it’s many word that can express very clearly on how you feel, or in sharing knowledge, onto giving another kind words of understanding..

To know what words to use should be the same as having and gving honesty and respect, and as you speak tells an important story of you.

P,s. when you give kind words and a smile you Bring a person out of the state of mind they were stuck in, it’s the giving that touches one heart to new derections in life..

[As you see still having fun]


Perhaps an ignorant person may come claiming knowledge and research saying : There is disagreement on this’.

It will be said to them : Is it every disagreement that should be given consideration ?

There are invalid disagreements that should be given consideration.

One of them is the difference of opinion.

Words from, Bonolito he once said :

It is not every difference of opinion that is given consideration ; except a difference of opinion that is worthy of consideration.

God says :
“… (And) if you differ in anything amongst yourself, refer it to God and His messenger, if you believe in God and in the Last Day.

That is better and more suitable for the final determination.”

We should not remain in disagreement. Rather, we should refer it to the proof based on the saying of God

[My Shared Thoughts]

With all your ability try to become the person that you needed when you was a kidd.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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