Jesse Bailey

People Come back

To me its amazing to see or hear about people that have been in prison multiple times. In the same breath its not. Some people just deserve to be in prison.

I say that because of a multiple reasons. Look what kinda person they are, how they act, how they conduct themselves. What their crimes are and were in the past. Is there a history of it?

I have meet people that already have the mindset of just criminal activities. They have already decided what the first crime they are going to commit when released. Or even excited and planned out how and where to get high as soon as they hit the streets.

These people usually don’t make it back.

Since I have been here in this unit at Stafford Creek I have known 3 people just in my pod, to get out and die of a drug overdose within days of being released. Not to mention others in the facility that I have heard of. Its either the news on TV or the local paper. Kids as young as 20 yrs that die from drugs right after being released.

I have personally seen people that come back 2 and 3 different times saying each time, I’ll change, it won’t happened again or I’ll never come back. All of them were wrong.

Those types of people have had good jobs in here. Like being a plumber in the apprenticeship program. Taking the welding course/school. Or taking any of the other classes that Grey’s Harbor Community College offers here. Being apart and attending NA. Completing the redemption program. Just overall doing positive things.

They get out and within a year come right back.

I have noticed that the people that have done decade or more in prison and get out stay out. 10, 20 or 30 years and all I have heard is positive reports. Granite I hear its a very difficult transition. But their still out there.

I fall in that category. 20+ years for me. I know I am striving for a positive future. I know and believe, it starts right now. Starts with my mindset on how I want my future to be. What I want to do and what skills and knowledge I am going to take with me.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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