Jonathan Gordon


In the midst of a messy legal battle, lost in a dispute

That got him X’ed out, & crossed

But regardless what it cost, it’s time to reboot

Framed by a prostitute

Who had no qualms, & didn’t think twice about giving up blow jobs for loot

And she had no qualms about trading her body for narcotics

That was her reality & she LOVED to FLOSS it too!!!

Braycie was strung out on meth & surfing from couch to couch to couch

He met her in the midst of his life of serving Zips out his Crown Royal pouch

Then he brought her into his world of the Stone Gates
Apt. 206, with hood rats tramps scallywags, procrastinators, slackers & every kind of low down dirty slouch

Det. Barrows labeled him as a: “Gorilla Pimp” with absolutely no witness vouch

Vouch to the validity

Or or to corroborate

Because the “Suspect” denied all the accusations, Ms. Lorincz painted him as a hostile “Lying sack of s***” who refused to accept blame & cooperate

In attempts so resolve the case in the “State’s Favor,” they put an offer on the plate

But he ain’t bite, he said “Nah, we finta take this to the box!”

All the while, little did he know Ms. Lorincz was sly, LYING, clever & crafty as a fox!!!

She told the jury a man like him is without a doubt 100% guilty & should never be let to walk

Ms. Lorincz was a master at shifting the burden to prove his innocence to the defendant

Giving that man a shot at a so called: “Fair Trial” is the last thing she had on her mind or had ever intended”

The whole circumstantial case was completely dependent

On appealing to the passion & sympathy of the jury & all those in attendance

Everything that transpired in that Franklin County Court Room WAS A JOKE…

Everything Ms. Lorincz, Det. Greehalgh, Det. Barrows or Braycie ever had spoken WAS A HOAX!!!

Now he has come to understand that the jury 99% of the time is gonna go against the “Accused”

Especially when it’s a white girl’s word against a black man

When she’s ACTING as a “Victim” passionately & methodically claiming that she was strangled

You gotta give Braycie credit though, that was a tear jerking performance…

She said her intentions was never to tango

Testifying she was scared & at the mercy of a
“Big Black Man.”

Man, they played it well from every angle

Nate & Jess, testified on his behalf…contrary to Braycie’s statements

Being the fact that 2 MATERIAL EYE WITNESSES testified on his behalf

That he was innocent, he was 100% sure that would keep him from getting the shaft

But the jury completely IGNORED their testimony

And subsequently it was a surprise that nonetheless the phony

Phony a** accusations stuck

Then subsuquently, he winded up being parked like his broke down ’92 Nissan Truck

Contrary to Ms. Lorincz’s that claim he was a gorilla pimp, yet he NEVER made a SINGLE buck

What kind of: “Gorilla Pimp” pimps for free?

Brayci sold her own self for sex in order to feed her addiction to meth
because SHE WAS A CLUCK!!!

He just happened to be at the right places at the right times..

When & where people had a need, he supplied it

They needed a go between, to get high & he had a skill set so he applied it

He was nothing more than Braycie’s friend with benefits…

Everyone involved at all stages & at all times was a willing participant

Wasn’t nobody forced

Wasn’t nobody forced to do nothing, wasn’t nobody coerced

Because of what transpired between the meth heads & Braycie

Everyone in the Stone Gates loved to see him come around & openly embraced he

The drug fiends blew up his phone, knocking on his door at all times of the night & chased he

That’s a fact he never denied

But that ain’t got nothing to do with what Braycie chose to do on the side!!!

People who fiend to get high & don’t got the means to get by…

Will do whatever it takes & if you got a constant never ending supply

They gonna keep comin by

If they ain’t got the money, then they will offer to trade whatever they got to barter

In his case, that led to his life being destroyed

Because the most under educated & the unemployed

Become the targets at whom the missiles from the Government’s Agents
is deployed

Leaving carnage in their wake as the Police & Prosecutors rejoice with joy

That another conviction was secured

Especially when their target is the poor with no one to defend them, stand up for them & absolutely NO representation

Because they are the easiest to target, convict & the most oppressed in this Nation

Nobody cares if another poor black man taken off the street, because he’s just a waste of life, a throw away & an eye sore

They imagine that: he was born, he lived his life & that he’s gonna die poor

He never contributed to the economy or society, so that N***** can ROT IN HELL!!!

This is exactly what the legal system is designed for

And exactly the type of population control that this Government sponsored genocide is for

Man, WHAT A FARSE this is when the all white police, prosecutor, jury & judges

Is nothing but KKK memebers, Nazis & racists harboring
years of built up grudges

Waiting for any opportunity to convict a n**** in a rigged legal system that rarely ever loosens it’s noose or budges

That’s why plenty of n****s just like me


Victims of modern day LYNCHING, because we refused to resolve the case “IN FAVOR OF THE STATE,” which menas accepting the KKK’s idea of a “Fair” plea

I believe until justice is received

They’ll NEVER EVER be closure

He may have lost the 1st round, but He GUARANTEES that this battle AIN’T OVER!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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