Jesse Bailey

Stepping out of My Comfort Zone

Christmas Eve 2011 I was thinking about my family and how much it sucked being away from them. How I am losing touch with them. From all the years and Holiday’s I have missed being with them. Never being able to see my grandparents alive agin, on the streets or in prison.

Hearing about things, instead of experiencing them myself. The thought of watching my nieces and nephews grow up in pictures. Not there to play with or hug them. Take ’em out for ice cream. Or even go on a bike ride with them.

Not there for when my dog had to be put down from old age. Or when any of my grandparents past away. All these things that are big events in life. I had to miss those things. And deal with all that loss, alone.

So what I stared doing was keep a journal. not everyday, but when ever I though I had something I wanted to share with my family. Or an experience I thought was worth putting on paper.

What it turned into was a window into my life and mind for someone to read in the future. Even myself to look back on and reflect on my past.

That was my first step in opening up.

Jesse Bailey
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    • I am just trying something new. I was never big on writing in a journal before. I wanted to share my life with a son or daughter in 20 years when they grow up. and since I don’t have any kids. I had to do something to try and remember the little things in my life. It started as a journal, now its a blog. -Jesse


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