Ernest Ripoli

Hello to everybody

It’s nice to be able to say “Hey world, don’t forget the underdog here?”
Now, would it be too much trouble for a nice woman to say “Hello!” back to me?
I now have 4 yrs & 7 months to go til I’m released from prison.
You all have no idea how bad I want to see my kids & be the father I was meant to be.
I screwed up out there leaving my kids without their father & my kids mothers went & did their own thing leaving me to rot.
I miss my boys & my daughter.
I hope that they can forgive my absence of being gone for the 12 years total?
I’m not gonna come out of this a bitter old man, I’m better than that & I have my own relationship with the Lord.
But I will always know that I am no better than you or anybody else.
I’d like to be given the chance to prove myself & die as a hero.
I did my share of doing stupid shit & it’s come back to always nip me in the ass.
If you knew me back in the 80’s as Ernie from Olympia Washington.
I was a troubled kid & sort of forced to being a outcast among my peers.
I’d like to say that I am sorry for how bad & weird I used to be.
I lived in the Lakewood/Tacoma area, when I fell back in 09.
A lot of folks knew me by my stupid nickname as ODIE.
I used to be a Bouncer at a bar called “CheersWest”, back in 04 & shared A.A. meetings all at the same time.
I was at CheersWest for a good 6 months & had quit to be a Stagehand (Roadie).
I was clean & Sobor as a Bouncer, but I got into the METH & things fell apart after that & now I’m doing some time.
I’m 46yrs old now, & I miss riding my Harley Davidson.
Yeah, I’d call myself an old scooter tramp, but not club worthy.
It’s been hard to fit in where ya were never wanted.
But I’ve never really had that brotherly support & I guess I’m a lost cause.
But my current calling is to be the father I never had.
I want to make things so right with my kids, so they don’t ever forget that I’ve never stopped loving & missing them.
I’m not some werido, just said weird shit to throw others off & make myself sound a little crazy & wild to impress or to show off.
I’m looking for a good woman, 30 plus years old & not some psycho bitch from hell.
I’d like to forget my past hookups & what each wrong they had done me.
It’s what I get for sleeping with dogs, & got their fleas as a payback.
I’m not also into women that don’t take care of themselves.
I’m not gonna hustle some beastly woman for her $, & fill her head with empty promises.
I’m not like that, that’s cruel & not fair to Lady Hopeful.
I’d rather be a little blunt & respected for my honesty, than live a lie.
I’m tired of trying to please others & throwing myself under the bus.
I feel I deserve to be treated right & no longer be someones doormat.
I’m not rich on email stamps, so if someone wants to donate to my Media Account it would be greatly appreciated by me.
If your cool & would like to get to know more of me, then send me a cool email & a possible pic.
A return stamp goes a long way.
I got envelopes if you have an address.
I’ve got a lot to say & it be nice if I had more support than my dear ol mom & the one friend that has stayed along during this rough ride.
I am sad, that I haven’t ever even seen my kids, but have sent Birthday cards to them except for my daughter who supposedly lives in Yakima Valley somewhere.
I also have Heart Disease & I pray that I don’t die before I get out of prison.
Can some women or a special woman come into my lonely life & let me know that I matter?
I’m not the criminal type, just got reckless in my life.
If you have read this, Thank you for your time & I hope to hear from you soon.

Ernest Ripoli
DOC #723014

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  1. Well, I remember you very well. I hope you don’t think of me as one of your flea bags. I cared. I saw potential, but you did screw up a lot. I also know you had a rough life. You need to overcome that and better yourself. Don’t go back to your old friends and ways. You CAN do it!! I wish you nothing but the best in life.


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