Jonathan Gordon


He be choosing to associate

With no good type of womanizing sperm donors who only procreate

Then when he told by the Strawberry she pregnant with his kid he say:
“Hell Nah, oh no she ain’t”!!!

Hard headed stubborn N****s don’t listen & leave no room to negotiate

But in Mama’s eyes of course he a saint

A Brotha can’t do no wrong so he go with force in the paint

Taught to not ever give a flyin f*** & feel no remorse

His misguided mentors convinced them violence is the only recourse

So what else do you expect him to do when threatened or agitated

He hears names like Capone or Scarface, & he becomes infatuated

Idolizing them, not realizing his quest to be a REAL criminal is highly saturated

Imatation is the highest form of flattery, so that’s what he try to do cause he so intrigued by the violence


Will they ever realize the lure of the happiness they seek is OVER EXAGGERATED?

Very few of his homies & associates had ever graduated

When they have their reunions in jail telling war stories of good times in HOOD they become so animated

The whole time not realizing their young impressionable minds have been CONTAMINATED!!

Contaminated, poisoned, brainwashed & conditioned by the Syndrome of Willy Lynch

Silly Winch

Not knowing he’s the Grinch

Who stole young lives while sitting on the bench

Laughing as he watchin young men/women knock each other off, cause it’s such a sinch

To convince these young men & women to happily & pridefully engage in a battle that ain’t theirs

Then after the Grinch get done TRICKING them, he go after their heirs

And to follow suit, the youngsters bow down & worship the same cause & killing each other, yet no one ever cares

Them youngsters get tattoos of the names of Streets & Neighborhoods they don’t even own—It’s the KKK’s

Tattoed youngsters walking around with guns actin tough, but they really just SCARED!!!

Lost, killing each other so the KKK don’t have to do it no more…
Unless their wearing a badge, or holdin a gavel

They have mastered the art of using their OWN people against each other in the Jungle on the Gravel!!!

It’s a a Government sponsored, approved & endorsed genocide on a massive scale

And those that survive the slaughter, they
find a home on death row or with BOOKOO time up in a KKK owned cell

Soon as we start mourning another one who was lost in the shuffle

Another one is LOST finding themselves a victim to the constant conflict & scuffles

These are just hybrid reactions to people finding themselves with their feathers all ruffled

Yet when people sick of the chaos be trying to speak out, & do something to end the vicious cycle, their voices get muffled

Don’t nobody care, ain’t nobody trying to hear what another man/woman got to say!!!

The attitude is: “Like Burger King, I’mma have it MY WAY”!!!

It’s all about ME ME ME!!!

Anything else is irrelevant, so thank you sir, & have a nice day!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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