Thanks/Praise to God

I wrote this poem, which you will see next, as an examination of my life & the lives of my ex associates from back home when I was free & people I have come across over my years in jails/prisons.

These perspectives not only come from experiences & observations, but also from a religious aspect, what I have learned from studies.

A majority of people would say they believe in God, right? But a lot of us fail to realize how we live in this life will determine how God deals with us in the next life.

Some people don’t believe a “A Loving God” is capable of creating a hell fire full of punishment for his people. Maybe they overlooked the dozens of places in their religious texts where He mentions that as being a REALITY, THAT FOR SOME WON’T BE AVOIDED.

So this poem is an expression how myself & people I know waste our lives playing games, acting WORSE than children, refusing to grow up & chasing after dreams that lead & amount to nothing….Except God’s ANGER & WRATH

The last 3 years, since I was about 33 years old I decided it was time to BE A MAN. I stopped feeling comfortable acting like a child.

I couldn’t bear the fact I was like everyone else, I wanted to be different from everyone else, separate myself from the madness & be something in life.

Not just for me, but for God to be the man he created me to be, not the boy I chose to be.
And also for my family…My mom, dad, brother & sister. They all are doing pretty good in life, my brother has been in jail, he has been in prison, but he also has always had a job, he has an AA degree, & a family he takes good care of…

Everyone in my fam has at least 1 college degree, except guess WHO? Yes that is right EXCEPT ME!!!

I am tired of being a disappointment to: God, myself & MY FAMILY!!!

I want them to see me succeed before I die & quit being stupid, making stupid decisions…so that is the major catalyst for my transformation.

Now that I understand who I WAS, & was able to change for the most part, I feel it is my duty as a Muslim & one who believes in God to return the favor & grace, volunteering my time to motivate other men/women to do something with themselves!!!

It all starts with self examination, admitting we are in error, casting pride away & finding ways to conjure up: strength, determination & hard work to do what is right.


Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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