Jonathan Gordon


Betty June Binnicker who was 11 & Mary Emma Thames who was 8, were white girls were killed in 1944 in South Carolina.

George Stinney who was a black man, was convicted of both murders by an all-white jury.

There wasn’t any evidence in the case & he was convicted because he & his sister had talked to the girls right before they were killed.

3 police officers lied & said that Mr. Stinney had confessed to the murders.

70 years later in 2014, the conviction was vacated by a circuit court judge.

Juan Roberto Melendez-Colon was convicted of a murder in 1983 of Delbert Baker, he did 17 years in prison before being exonerated.

Mr. Melendez-Colon had an alibi for that night, but he was found guilty because of statements made by David Falcon.

The 2 men had a beef with each other, & this was Mr. Falcon’s way of getting back at Mr. Melendez-Colon.

His appeal was shot down 3 times. Eventually his lawyers found a taped confession to the murders made by Vernon James.

The judge granted Mr. Melendez-Colon a new trial, but the Ft. Lauderdale, Florida prosecution decided not to charge him again because Mr. Falcon had died, & another witness had recanted.

In 1983 Denise Walker was killed in L.A. while being robbed in her boyfriend’s house.

The man whose house it was, Willie Finley was at the store at the time, when he came back to the house, he was hit by 1 of the robbers.

Ms. Walker’s mom had told the cops that Willie Green had robbed Ms. Walker a year earlier, & Mr. Finley picked Mr. Green out of a police line up & he was convicted of the murder & given 33 years to life.

In 2004, Centurion Ministries out of New Jersey did an investigation on behalf of Mr. Green & Mr. Finley recanted his statements saying that he was high off crack that night.

He had also said that the hit he took to his head messed up his eyesight & that the cops coerced him into identifying Mr. Green.

In 2008, the conviction was vacated, the prosecution decided not to recharge Mr. Green & he was released after 25 years.

For a crime he did not commit!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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