Jonathan Gordon


Every battle you win is another victory to be proud of in this struggle

Not every victory has to be big, even the smallest victory counts

In it’s self it’s a whole nother battle to keep sane, not loose control, not snap & be overcome by the pressures of being on these situations

It is a battle to keep from bowing down, then eventually falling flat & laying down under the weight
of the immense pressure

It is a battle to try to run & hide from the pain, to let yourself be pacified by the games, TV, music, social distractions like telling war stories, gossip about what’s goin on in here & out there on the streets

Even though some see this as the end as a: DEAD END…we are still alive, & everyday is a new day

Everyday is a new opportunity to: LIVE, breathe, enjoy the days we have left, embrace new challenges, reinvent yourself, recreate yourself & chase after your goals

Maybe to the outside world, we are DEAD, but IN FACT we are fully alive & thriving in the struggle to survive

The question is: “Do you have what it takes to overcome the obstacles & win the battles?”

Everyday is a struggle between choosing to follow the rules or choosing to break them

Everyday is a struggle between right & wrong

What decisions do we make?

Do we make the right decisions?

Do we make the wrong decisions?

How do we decipher the difference between right & wrong decisions?

What makes it right? Because the prison politics & “Convict mentality?”

What makes it wrong? Because some administrators in Head Quarters said it was wrong?

Is it right because we are NOT doing what someone told us is wrong?

Is it wrong because we are NOT doing what someone told us is right?

Everyday is a struggle to stay on the path, to keep the head above the water, NOT TO give up, & NOT TO throw in the towel when the chips is DOWN!!!

When tired, feeling depleted, scared, & overcome, the BEST thing to do is TURN TO GOD!!!

Then dig deep as you can inside yourself to find the strength to PUSH HARDER, AS HARD AS YOU CAN PUSH!!!

Then after you pushed as hard as you can, you: PUSH EVEN MORE!!!


Sometimes we are afraid of a struggle or battle, we want to take the easy way out

It don’t always work that way, sometimes we are put in a BATTLE FOR OUR LIVES!!!

So then what, what do you do? Run & hide or step up to the plate & confront the struggle or battle HEAD ON?

Struggles & battles in life can’t be avoided!!!

Losses can’t be avoided

Setbacks can’t be avoided, THOSE THINGS HAPPEN!!!

It’s up to us to: ENCOURAG EACH OTHER to keep pushing, keep fighting & CONJURE UP THE WILL TO KEEP LIVING!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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