Separated from all he loves & holds dear

Then being told he won’t be reunited with them for the next 22 YEARS!!!

The idea of how this all came about STILL ain’t so clear

One minute you’re in the mix, right in the middle & thick of it

Surrounded by unlimited access to drugs & Chix

The next you’re away from it all in a far off place,


On a old rickety steel bunk lookin at Girly Flix

And in the visiting room with Fam taking pics

This is 24 hours a day with no vacation, he under the the authority of tyrannical oppressors who act like their power is unencumbered

Basically left to fend for himself to his own devices, TERRIBLY outnumbered


They wanna keep him held down with eyes closed by lolling him into a never ending slumber

But if you sleep, you fall & crash like the Northwest’s finest lumber

Oppressors seeking to pacify his mind with frivolous games & frivolous entertainment so he’ll go dumber, dumber, & dumber

Because he’s—ISOLATED

Banished—living in a constant state of Deprivation

Always reminded of the anxiety of separation

Being separated from YOUR LIFE!!!

Being alienated, subjugated & ISOLATED

Banished & kept away from the free society

Cause he couldn’t obey the rules they deemed as PROPRIETY

He sees the world & himself through a different lense

Now that he has felt SOBRIETY

And his mind has been CLEANSED

But none of that matters to DOC, they still treat him WORSE than a feral wild ANIMAL!!!

Because he’s BANISHED

Feeling the repercussions of being:


Being told what you can & can’t have, his every worldly possession is limited by policy WAC rules & RCW’s

Lessons to be learned:
never put yourself in a place where you loose control of your life & others make your decisions for you!!!

NEVER put yourself in a position where you can be:



Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350


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