Paul Pittman


This is something I wrote back in December. I was inspired to write this when my friend was going through some personal hardships. This event woke up my own pain and suffering caused by the loss of my significant other! My “love”, took her own life in county jail after only two days….the struggle with heroin addiction is “REAL”. R.I.P Crystal Holloway, You’re always on my mind, And forever in my heart!! I’ll always love you!!


Sometimes in life things happen to a man so severely, whether positive or negative they will leave you feeling lost, helpless or insignificant. These obstacles can knock the wind out of our sail and if we let them consume us with guilt in time they will sink our ship completely. The human mind is the most uniquely powerful anatomy of all living things on earth and it’s strength or full potential eludes us. If we let everything negative in our lives consume us the mind will warp our thoughts and beat us down unbearably. It is proven that it takes more energy to continue being negative or upset and long periods of this behavior will drain us to the point that we lose the want to communicate with even our closest family or loved ones. We also hold the power within to overcome any obstacle or negative emotion to ever enter our minds and consume our soul. The mind controls our every action, even when the heart is broken beyond belief the mind has the power to jump start the healing process. Our spirit is our inner being, the very substance of everything magical that makes us who we are. With every negative that enters our lives a process of thoughts begins to cloud our mind, however as we search our soul and our spirit strengthens, our thoughts will change from negative to positive and the very essence of our true being will fight its way to the forefront and shine through. once our spirit is lifted the true nature of who you are takes over and as that smile crosses your face it graces the spirits to those around you and they are affected by the raw energy that radiates from within you. Who you are is essential to the spirits of those around you, you alone hold the power to shift the energy that is in us all. We feed off our spirits and it strengthens our souls and our souls radiate that energy to all those around us. You see we all hold the power to overcome anything and everything that is thrown in our paths and along the way our spirits strengthen and these day to day struggles become manageable. What we don’t see or fail to realize is how the power of our inner spirit can work on those connected to us or those that cross our day to day paths. We all carry the power to strengthen each other in ways almost unfathomable and if we work together our spirits can grow so strong that our very presence can influence the minds and hearts of those we come in contact with. Nothing is more powerful than the very will to survive instilled in us, and there isn’t anything we can’t overcome with just the slightest change of thought process. We are the apex predators of the planet and we can devour anything and everything that dares cross our paths. We have the strength to survive all catastrophes and the minds to touch the hearts and spirits alike till our souls soar to the heavens above.

“We should all be more conscious to the affect we have on one another”

Paul Pittman
DOC #81485

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