Jonathan Gordon


Why you let drugs destroy your life?

Why you let drugs destroy your brain?

Now your way of thinking is all messed up, far off what is normal

Because of drugs your brain never fully matured, it’s like being stuck in time, your body grew into an adult, but your mind is stuck in adolescence

The drugs make you think you are operating on a higher level, your reality is altered into a falsehood
you are convinced that you are making better decisions & your mind is expanding

But reality is, the opposite is true
terrible decisions are made & your mind is becoming more closed

Drugs make you become close minded, stuck in your ways & you sit back watching the world pass by while you are doing the same old thing over & over & over for years with no progress, nothing ever having been accomplished but FAILURE!!!

Drugs lead to FAILURE!!!

Drugs lead to laziness

Drugs lead to death

Drugs lead to jail

Drugs lead to LOSS!!!

Loss of family

Loss of friends

Loss of money, house, cars

Loss of health


Who in their right mind wants to be controlled by addiction?


Because people who are in addiction ARE NOT IN THEIR RIGHT MIND!!!

Being addicted to a substance that hurts you is NOT RIGHT!!!

Drugs cause hurt
Drugs cause pain

Drugs take over your Brian & leave you feeling powerless & hopeless

Someone who is addicted will spend every waking hour coming up with ways to get high, chasing that high & spend their last $$$ for one more hit

Now they’re broke, begging others for handouts because they were irresponsible with money & the desire to get high over ruled common sense & ability to make good decisions

Now what kind of fool does a person like?
When they’re sky high, but don’t got a $$$ to buy a Happy Meal for their kid?

Now they put theirself in the position to be at the mercy of another person & given them the upper hand , because they are now BEGGARS!!!

Beggar wanting a Front or a loan

Your next move is dependent upon if that person wants to give you a loan or a $$$

But who wants to give someone addicted to drugs a loan?

They might end up spending their next buck on drugs instead of paying off debts

They probably owe a lot people including the dope man & have Tons of unpaid bills!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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