Jonathan Gordon


It’s imperative that we take into account how our words & actions affect other people

It’s imperative that we take into consideration other people’s situations, being aware of not stepping over their boundaries
& being sympathetic & compassionate to their situations

To just take a few moments to be considerate might seem so small, but it can make a big difference & significantly change someone’s day!!!

Learn to be compassionate, learn to respect others, learn to practice good manners, learn to be polite, & stop worrying about ME, ME, ME so much!!!

It’s not always about ME!!! ME!!!

Put your trust in God & God will take care of you!!!

Take the time to think about how you can do something for someone else, it could be small, it could be big, that’s not what matters


We worry too much, we fret too much, we stress too much

Sometimes those feelings & emotions interfere with how we act & how we deal with others

We let our own personal problems interfere with our social lives & we can hurt people & run off good people: friends, family, & associates because of that

We need to get a better grasp on how to properly treat people…learn how to see the consequences of our actions

Not only foresee the consequences of our actions, but also to have enough sense to FEAR putting ourselves in situations where we have to suffer the bad consequences of our BAD actions

Or JUST as importantly, or sometimes even MORE IMPORTANTLY foresee & FEAR how our BAD actions can HURT other people!!!

It’s imperative that you carry yourself with a badge of: dignity, honor, respect, & legitimacy

Don’t confuse high Self Esteem with: Ego, Arrogance, Pride, Gaudiness & Haughtiness

Teach yourself to be confident, yet also always be humble, don’t raise yourself up on a plateau & lower others to being in a TRENCH

DON’T LOOK DOWN your nose at other people!!!

Be quiet, don’t be the loudest person in the room, don’t seek attention & to be noticed…

Seek to blend in & observe the environment, be calm, peaceful, tranquil,

Don’t emulate & mimic the ways of the loud, obnoxious, vulgar, attention seekers

Life is not a popularity contest, don’t try to be cool, fly, hip, hard, or none of that

Like they said in that car commercial:
“Be you! everyone else is already taken”!!!

Return to the Nature that God created you on, which is the RIGHT PATH!!!


Treat others as precious commodities, whom you cherish
And take good care them of like they your most prized possession

BE HUMBLE & FEAR GOD!!! As he should be feared

Do not die unless you are in a state of SUBMISSION to GOD!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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