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This is part 2 of quotes from Mr. Kukucka where he examines how faulty fingerprint analysis leads to false convictions.

>”Following the 2004 Madrid train bombings, three FBI fingerprint experts confidently concluded that a latent print taken from a bag containing detonating devices belonged to Brandon Mayfield, an American Muslim attorney in Oregon.””Mayfield spent 17 days in FBI custody before Spanish authorities identified the true perpetrator.””At that point, the DOJ’s Office of the Inspector General ordered a full review of the case & ultimately implicated “confirmation bias” as contributing to Mayfield’s misidentification, adding that a “loss of objectivity” led examiners to “see similarities… that were not present.”<

Now this case is not a suprise to me, we all know that the USA government has a long history of accusing Muslims, or just people from other countries in general as being terrorists.

How about the misidentification being called “prejudice” & “discriminatory”, that’s what it really was!!!

How does a man whose fingerprints don’t match in the first place even become a suspect?
What led the police to his doorstep?

I mean this man, Mr. Mayfield was an upstanding citizen, with a good job–a lawyer, yet he was Muslim, so everything else goes out the window.

When the Gov gets that tunnel vision, they are dangerous & are going to get their way no matter what & no matter who has what to say about it!!!

Mr. Kukucka also said: “Latent fingerprint analysis is one of the more well-eatablished domains of forensic science–it has been routinely admitted in courts for nearly a century & studies find that experts generally produce highly accurate judgements–yet these human examiners are vulnerable to the same confirmation biases that plague us all. It logically follows that other, less ‘scientific’ domains of forensic science that involve visual comparisons…
could be similarly hampered by confirmation bias.””Is there a way to prevent the problem?

>”The obvious first step is to insulate forensic examiners from extraneous information that could create biasing expectations;”<

My friends, there is another way to solve the problem: better screening procedures when hiring “professionals” & “experts”.

Stop hiring incompetent racists & bigots who have no integrity & are easily compromised.

Stop hiring “professionals” & “experts” who don’t do their job correctly & who don’t have a problem making sure innocent people are convicted.

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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