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This next article I borrowed from David Lohr, as always I put everything but the direct quotes in my own words…

A man from New York named Jonathan Fleming, was released after being exonerated for a crime he didn’t commit & doing 24 years in the joint.

In 1989 Darryl Rush was killed in Brooklyn, while the convicted man–Mr. Fleming was in a whole DIFFERENT PART of the country: Orlando, Florida.

Mr. Fleming’s new lawyer Mr. Koss said: “He told his attorney he had in his pocket at the time of his arrest a phone receipt from paying a phone bill at [a Florida] hotel late in the evening of Aug 14, 1989….”

“The receipt was pretty strong alibi evidence. His attorney went to the district attorney’s office for the receipt, and they said they did not have it. The police detectives also denied ever recovering the phone receipt. Fast-forward 25 years and the case file is opened again, and there is the phone receipt.”

“Additionally, a report from Orlando police was found in the file, [Orlando police], investigating it in Florida on behalf of New York investigators, said they found multiple employees at the hotel who saw Mr. Fleming.”

Mr. Koss also asks: “Where the hell was this evidence all these years, and why wasn’t it turned over until 25 years later?”

Mr. Koss, Anthony Mayol, & people from Management Resources spent about a year working to exonerate Mr. Fleming.

Mr. Fleming wrote in a statement that was posted on in 2010:

“I explained to the detectives that I could provide any and all pertinent information I could come up with to support my assertion that I was not in Brooklyn, New York or any of its surrounding counties several days before, during, or days after the murder of Mr. Rush.”

A woman who was facing felony charges at the time FALSELY witnessed that she saw from her house, Mr. Fleming shoot Mr. Rush, in order to get her charges dismissed.

She says in a written affidavit:
“I was scared, nervous, and on probation, so I lied.”

Mr. Koss also said: “There are two new witnesses, one of which admits to being the getaway driver from the shooting. He has come forward qns given a sworn statement
He said Mr. Fleming was not a part of this in any way, shape or form, and he has identified who he claims is the actual shooter.”

As in the case of Mr. Jackson, we see another case of someone being convicted of a crime because of lying a witness encouraged by the State.

Once again no evidence, & the State complicit in fabrications to convict the wrong man.

Also what took the guilty 25 years to man up? He let an innocent man sit in prison for 25 years? That is just as messed up as what the lying witness & state did, if not more messed up.

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
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