Steve Anderson

CAN YOU HEAR THE TRAIN? is your mind playing you?


If we lose our rights of having our own perspective, the aftermath will clearly show the unfairness to ourselvels just by the confusion and doubts that will begain to arise in our minds all at once, the assortment of issues begins with the strongest five being…

1~{ Identity crisis,}
2~{ Lack of self-esteem,}
3~{ Lack of self inpowerment}…
4~{ Ones self-conisciousness will be at 2% very low for the human mind}
5~{ Being the deadliest decease too and for all people, reasons being
[its free]…

(Self Inflicted retardation) its your mind plays tricks on you, now others can and do play apart with the interaction we share with others and many things on earth…

In the strangest ways we pickup distinguishing features from others”In meaning,” with the many things our eyes take too, even the actions of others, the spoaken words we hear from others, even the tv gives it up…

Reading a good book puts it down as if you were at the movies, in all you”ll hear, or see something of intrest even in reading something it will surely add to your perspective, its a right that God gave to all, a choice to what you choose download in your life…

A healthy perspective sound cool, but many of the things we pick up from others are not so cool, infact some will work against us over and over again, our minds relay to the development of our perspective from the good and the bad intake from our abilities of the comprehension of our understanding…

Do your downloadeder work properly ?. Do you have an open mind to be able to gain the best understanding that can be give by others ? or can you follow instructions written down for you ? or spoken to you ?

Well if you have all three intake skills then you can bring better then what is expected and that’s a part of a good day is being apart of a succuss story…

Please never let confusion and doubts, keep you wondering if one is even doing the right thing, believing in self will make you rich within, and with the worldly glitter, ( In meaning the things that shine and is to ones likings…

Take Care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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