Jonathan Gordon


See I believe my destiny

Is to keep reaching deep inside myself to show the world the best in me

Even though I have strayed far from the righteous path, God keeps on blessing me

I don’t believe in stressing see

I believe God leads the way

I believe in the motto: “Carpe Diem” Sieze The Day

And once God’s decrees is made

We got no choice but to abide by it

Fate is fate, ain’t no stepping aside from it

I am inexplicably ecstatic when cats come up to me & say I’m an inspiration

I hope I can motivate a whole generation

To do better & make the right choices whether than chase the instant sensation

Hold back from tempation

And USE your noggin to be successful & prosper

God will bless you & make your heart softer

When the devil throws you an offer

You’ll find the strength to back up off it

We soon learn that success ain’t based on material possessions or profits

It is based on what is internal

Inside the young & hungry rages an inferno

The only way to channel it is to put it down as entries in our journal

Cats see what we got on our minds, & they eat it up like Digornos

That’s why cats locked up in the Joint can push products that makes a killin like Ms. Wournos

Rockin shaved heads, curls, plaits, braids & cornrows

The contents in our journals is more explicit & graphic than XXX Pornos

And the world sees that: WE MORE THAN JUST CRIMINALS



Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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