Jonathan Gordon


First & foremost: PRISON IS SLAVERY!!!

Instead of being traded on an open market between plantations & slave owners, the COURTROOMS are where slaves are traded!!!

Complete with slaves, overseers, & Jim Crow Laws.

Like a plantation prison is guarded by armed security, of you try to get out you can be killed…if you do get out, they put a warrant out for your arrest, you are a FUGITIVE & any law enforcement agency can apprehend you.

Remember “Fugitive Slave Laws”? Same principle, yet a civilian catches a slave, brings him/her in he/she gets a reward of money.

These days, you see a “Fugitive” slave, you anonymously call Crime Stoppers & you get reward of money for helping catch the slave.

Back in the day they had “Slave Catchers” now we have Bounty Hunters who are specifically paid to apprehend “Runaway Slaves.”

Any slave owner has to leave a way for his property to be identified as his, Slaves used to be branded.

Now slave masters issue DOC numbers as a branding!!!

So everyone knows you are “State’s Property”.

In county, the slaves get ugly state ish clothing that says “County Jail” or “County Corrections” on the back and/or pants leg.

Now let’s talk about how the slaves are transported to their “new home” on the plantation.

Slave boats: The people were kidnapped from their homeland & transported thousands of miles, packed in like sardines, shackled to each other & watched by armed guards trained to kill…

Prison Transport bus: We call it the “Chain Bus,” it’s the same idea, you are kidnapped from your home city/county driven across state hundreds of miles in a bus packed in like sardines shackeld to each other & watched by gaurds with AR-15’s, Glock 40’s, & shotguns trained to kill whoever runs!!!

Once the slave gets to his/her “new home”, they are isolated from family & forced to work for “slave wages” or in some cases nothing!!!

Once an incarcerated “slave” reaches his/her “new home” on the “plantation” (or prison!!) he/she faces the exact same scenario.

Isolation & being forced to work for “slave wages,” in Washington you make from .36¢ an hour to .42¢ an hour for any non industry jobs topping out at a whopping $55 A MONTH no overtime…

If you work in Correctional Industries, (C.I.) you can be a balller with up to $1.00 an hour!!!

Sadly “house slaves” make LESS than “field slaves” !!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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