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This next article I got from the AP, & the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

I put everything in my own words except the direct quotes…

I hope this CRAZY story opens your eyes!!!

Ricky Jackson from Cleveland, Ohio, did 39 years for a 1975 aggravated murder, after a12 year old boy falsely witnessed against Jackson.

Eddie Vernon was pressured into lying by police who threatened to lock his parents up.

Mr. Vernon says: “All the information was fed to me, I don’t have any knowledge of what happened to me.”

Mr. Vernon was on a bus when he heard the gunshots, & other witnesses said that he couldn’t have seen what happened.

When Cuyahoga County prosecutors in Cleveland decided to let Mr. Jackson go after 39 years & drop the charges, a judge said:

“You have made the right choice.”

Mr. Jackson said: “I can’t believe this is over.”

He was helped by the Ohio Innocence Project.

As I mentioned in part 1, we see here how FALSE eyewitness testimony leads to convictions of innocent men/women.

Not only did other witnesses say that Mr. Vernon couldn’t have seen the murder,
there was ABSOLUTELY NO EVIDENCE connecting Mr. Jackson to the murder.

So how does a person get convicted with NO EVIDENCE?

How does it take 39 years to exonerate that man?

That is time he will never get back an innocent man’s life was destroyed, taken from him & there was nothing he could do about it.

So while he was up in prison, a dangerous murderer got away with the crime.

That’s what happens when CRIMINALS disguised as prosecutors get tunnel vision & solely focus on 1 person, doing anything they can to convict whomever they choose.

Obviously if the prosecutors made a young boy lie, they knew Mr. Jackson was innocent & they forced a young boy to BREAK THE LAW.

So if you make somebody else break a law doesn’t that make you JUST AS GUILTY, as an accomplice & conspirator?

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
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