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EVERYTHING IS EXPLAINED I’m still going to put you on truth


The word “vov” is generally used to describe obligatory acts of worship, but it is also used specifically to refer to an Individual committing themselves to something for the sake of God

The intended meaning of the word “vov,” here is the first definition since all workshop is to be for the sake of God as He says :
And your Lord has decreed that you not worship none other then Him

The word is in Arabic -( istighaathah )- means to seek relief and salvation at times of hardship and when on the verge of destruction

It can be divided into 4 – category ;

1- Seeking relief and salvation from God which is from the best and most perfect of words along with ones actions

2 – seeking salvation, is also doing things that’s pleasing to God

3 – asking relief and salvation from those who are living and that can provide assistance to your needs, not wants

4 – seeking relief and salvation from a person who is unable to provide the necessary assistance without believing that they possesses any specail hidden influence over the creation that God created

Calling upon the living concerning affairs in which they are able to offer assistance, like asking a person to provide you with water,,there is nothing wrong with this or other needs that one can assist others with, as I have said always try to do what you can for others in need

An example of this is if help was sought from someone who is
paralyzed to repel an advancing army of the enemy

This is considered useless and is mockery of the one whose aid was sought due to the fact, the one soughted have no means to assisting
in the fashion needed

So this action is prohibited for this reason and because it might be interpreted by others to suggest that the one whose aid was sought despite ones handicap assessed a hidden power that allows one to
save people in time of adversity
The End


father gets it in also

How many times does a mother scold her child and then secretly smile to herself thinking how cute the child was ? – isn’t this a play ?- it not that she has any aversion toward what the child is doing; she is simply doing her duty as a mother just as many single fathers do the similar duties for their child

GAVE UP on the little people

The way the mother and single fathers views the actions of the child is one of the purest examples of equality consciousness

The parent don’t judge every movement, they just feels that love for their child no matter what the child does, the love is so very powerful and its a movation to do better and more that brings better relations with
the other parent

Yes unconditional love for the ones or one she has given birth to, now sometimes its other factors that have damaged the child’s relationship with the mother, or father it could be a number of reasons, but at that time – IT’S ON YOU ! – To be as they say the BIGGER PERSON AND fIXS THE SITUATION

To develop such factors of dislike, discomfort, or the one word we all dislike to say or use*the word (HATE)

To use that word is just like saying you’ll need me before I need you, people on many thing in life only God knows the answers and when they will take place its alot you have no ideal or knowledge about

We should look at ourself and find better answers, cause if I disliked someone I would just stay away from them much as I could, and its all of your rights displayed at the same time, you don’t have to talk to people

And let me tell you rght now (facts) if you hold dislike or hateful feeling towards another, your setting your self up to do something mean to an innocent person, and that will do more damage to you, just as holdng thngs in

Learn to speak your mind in telling others how one you feel positively always keep your cool with a smile thats what makes you cool not insougthing others in your normal voice

Stay doing you, and let not another take your smile away from you doing you, who make your day ? ? {you}, with the tools within your heart, not an another its all about you, and the little people the kid’s, you need to stay giving them all the tools that will bring, and tell a success story

Look at it like this, if your around kids,,, acting up yelling, arguing, drinking, talking crazy, even fighting in front of them or treating others harshly well what you think they will act like ? when they get of age to act as your doing

To give self, and others confidence, positive feedback when answering questions, positive guldance to the many thing one may wish to be one day, or just on how one is to conduct themselves, good manner will take you far just as respet, honesty, loyalty, is all apart of a success story

I see alot of kid’s that’s been feed false beliefs that have giving them nothing, that’s what you get when you wish to play when all the lights is out, the dark world pays no body, but you’ll be played for not taking time to listen, or seek the knowledge that brings better to having and livng a healthy life, to having a life



We can live a natural single life, or a family life and feel all the natural feelings of love in ourselves, an with our family

Being detached is not cultivating a cool, aloof, uncaring feeling

It doesn’t mean we walk away from our love ones, it doesn’t mean we leave behind all the things we enjoy in this world

Being detached doesn’t mean getting rid of anything ; it just means not holding onto the uness
MEANING things of unimportance

First you need to discover a space within yourself where the things around you associated with others don’t bother you, a space where you are always completely happy within yourself, I call it holding the gifted powers that God has given you

You see because of conditioning, it seems easy for us to get bogged down in petty jugements and self-righteous falsified feelings

We think a person should be certain way ; we think things should be a done in a certain ; we think we should be treated in a certain way, and we criticize and condemn any deviation from our own limited concept

We’all even go as far as to be “hurt” – and make a big point of it – because of something someone else does or doesn’t’ do

These are the attachments that holds us down, these attachments is very fu*k up

For one to think in this fashion, we allow ourselves to pickup such foul behaviors that makes us look very ugly, you should be on your way to look at yourself but as you do, please know that you have created your own-(HELL) into reality by having these kind of detachments

That why with so much sound knowledge in the world, along with self knowledge both is of importance to ones life, so taking the time to making you better is also giving that better to your love ones and friends, remember do all you can to bring and assisting to better

Take. Care.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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