Jonathan Gordon


part 1:

How many bridges have you burnt?

How many people have you burnt?

How did you feel when the tables was turned?

Do you ever get sick of the: problems, trouble, drama, stress & consequences?

How often do you find yourself INTENTIONALLY victimizing other people?

I know if you are anything like me, you can’t answer how many bridges you’ve burned, how many people you’ve burned & how many people you’ve victimized because:


How many hearts have you broken?

How many people have put their trust/faith in them & you let them down/disappointed them?

How many people have distanced themselves from you because they knew you was TROUBLE???

Even worse for me—I wanted to distance myself from who I was, because I knew that:


My life had been nothing but REGRET after REGRET after REGRET!!!

The only time I had really accomplished anything was when I was behind bars…

I got plenty of penitentiary certificates, completed classes/courses & job experience.

But when I am at home, I AM A STRAIGHT UP MESS!!!

I now know I wasn’t able to function in society as a normal person, I had to get high, I had to get drunk, I had to hustle, I had to steal, I had to lie, I had to use people, & I had to manipulate people.

I realized I couldn’t be trusted, I never really thought twice or cared how my actions affected other people.

In prison, that’s the normal way things is, nobody gives a crap about nobody…but on the free world, that isn’t always true.

In the free world there is plenty of loving & caring people.

You can’t take the BAD HABITS, the ANTI SOCIAL & SOCIOPATHIC habits learned in prison & apply them to the real world…

And think it’s gonna help you get somewhere, it’s gonna backfire & leave you with no friends, angry family & BURNT BRIDGES.

When people open up their hearts & arms to us, they never imagine we will turn around & stab them in the heart.

Imagine the pain that causes, some people are never able to get over the pain, especially when someone is physically hurt or a life is taken.

Imagine a world where people are so self-centered, so blind to other people’s emotions, thoughts, feelings, cares & needs…

That people just walk all over each other, manipulate each other & spit in each other’s faces with pride, arrogance & an f*** you attitude!!!


Thanks for your time!!!


part 2:

Imagine living in a world where you are so blinded by EVIL, that reality can’t penetrate & it is foreign to you!!!

Imagine a world of shattered dreams, disappointments, broken hearts, & a string of victims in your wake…

Then imagine asking yourself: “What do I have to show for all of it?”

Imagine if your main goal everyday is seeing who you can: run over, lie to, con, manipulate, use, cheat, & get over on…

Imagine the time & effort it takes to do all of that!!!

Then imagine what if feels like to be treated like an object, imagine being the victim of your own EVIL acts & WRONGDOING!!!

You would be enraged if you were the victim wouldn’t you?

You would be out for blood wouldn’t you?

You would be hurt & in disbelief right?

Imagine your “friends” not wanting to do anything with you no more…

You call their phones, they don’t wanna answer…

You knock on their door/ring door bell, they don’t answer…

You see them in traffic in passing & they try to avoid you…

You realize nobody wants to trust you, when you say something, nobody wants to believe you, & NOBODY WANTS TO LET YOU INTO THEIR HEART AGAIN!!!

Imagine a world where you made amends with the people you hurt & wronged.

Imagine a world where sympathy, compassion, understanding & live ruled the day…

Imagine a world where a “friend” IS a FRIEND!!!

Imagine a world where people can feel safe around & trust each other.

Imagine a world where we right our wrongs & take responsibility for our actions towards others…

Imagine a world where:


Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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