Rocky Disney

Rocky Disney

So this is my first blog ever, please let me know how i did.
My name is Rocky Disney and im 33 years old, im in prison for possession of a firearm and have only 20 months till im out yet again.
I have 3 beautiful children and i miss them very much. Im actualy a DOSA revok which means i was sentenced to do half my time in prison and the other half on the streets.
DOSA stands for DRUG OFFENDER SENTENCING ALTERNATIVE. I recived 191 months and did 68 and got out in 2012 then i did the stupidest thing ive ever done in my life and smoked a joint of weed and then got piss tested and faild for 8 NANOGRAMS of THC (a nanogram is 1 BILLIONTH of a gram) so i didnt have enough thc in my system in me to get a flee high, but the point is i knew that that could get me sent back to prison and i let life get to me and broke weak, now my kids are being raised by a meth monster and i havent seen them in over a year.
It sucks to know that my stupid decisions have gotten my youngest daughter molested since i have been, and i say this cause if i had been there then she WOULD NOT have been at the tweeker house she was while her mom was gone getting high. Also i missed the birth of my only son since being down. and my oldest daughter is hateing life since she has to take care of her brother and sister and she is only 14. I get my children the day i get out though so that is something to look forward to and what keeps me going.

my info is
191 constantine way
aberdeen WA 98520

Or you can write me emails at

Rocky Disney
DOC #838728

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