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From The Timber Belt: Countries who Control Gender Ratios: part 2:

Ms. Kwang-soon also helped to create the: Citizens Association Working to Abolish Hojuje.

“Hojuje” is the traditional Dada being the head of the family.

Ms. Kwang-soon said: ” People thought we were a bunch of crazy women.”

* It takes a lot of strength & courage to stand up for what these women believes in against centuries of tradition that a whole country of millions if people was loyal to.


They single handedly changed a culture by fighting for women’s equality & WOMEN’S RIGHTS.


In 2005 the Korean Constitutional Court said: “Hojuje” violated the constitution & that the family didn’t have to use the Dad’s name.

Lee Ki-soon from the Ministry of Gender Equality & Family said: “Sons were no longer key to the family lineage continuing.”

* Obviously it takes a man & woman to have a baby, women are just as important to continuing the family legacy as men are.

In fact a woman can have a baby with no man, all she needs is some sperm & artificial sterilization.

Yet a man can’t have a baby without a woman…
Woman really are the key to continuing the family.

Babies have the most contact with women, usually women care for, nurture, feed, babysit, teach & all that more than men do!!!

In Korea, the Government pays up to $177 a month for childcare up until the kid is 5 years old, because they want to help Moms who have to do the house chores & raise the kids.

* It’s beautiful to see that Korea is awarding women for having children now & that women are being helped.

Kudos to the Government’s people for changing centuries of tradition, recognizing women’s right & no longer interfering with nature, with what God has willed then created.

I am sure the quality of life is so much better for Moms…a lot less preasure & stress on them.

Women now don’t have to feel ashamed & cry when they have a beautiful daughter, they have a reason to rejoice.

And now women have help raising & taking care of their children, male or female!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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