Steve Anderson


Hello blog readers I’m hoping all is well with you all ? as good as things
could be, and that you have been enjoying the content that I have
been sending in lately ?. on the same note I’m also hoping you’re one
of many to take a moment in time to leaving your words and thoughts.

Being fair is you giving your time to leaving your words thoughts, feelings, even your oppions people good or bad, us bloggers look for you to share to inter-act with what words we send in, that my touch your heart, bring laughter or growth that add the anew to your life. ( Something New ) or (Better)…

I have even witnessed people from the outside world getting on Jpay just to give a blogger some stamps so the writer can keep puttin it down, as you know that’s Called The Good Looking Out Policy, (assisting another) and never keeping a record on how many times you stepped up.

Its a bigger picture then I did this and that, but before I share that I’ll say this, if one does something for you anything and latter they throw it in your face cause they can’t get their way or they get made at you, well it’ll also tell you they dent do it from their heart they had a hitten agenda.

(The Bigger Picture Next, (Read On.)

Its a blessing to be able to assis another as I said God has put conditions on everything even in giving, do it freely when you can Just as one should always do what they can, this is a condition that brings good character, along with other teachings that bring honor, respect, truth, and loyalty.

As you may not know, and I’m very happy to share with you that I been blogin since 12/06/2014, yea that was the first day as of today I have a [ 163 blogs in ] not bragging yet, but I been doing my thing.

I look foreword everyday to giving back with my words, my drive is strong.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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