Paul Pittman

Paul Pittman

What’s up out there to all you bloggers? My name is Paul but all my friends call me Pitt. In prison there are not many positive outlets to focus our time towards so when Steven Jennings introduced me too this site I was over joyed to be a part of such a positive movement! This site has the power to change lives in drastic ways with the support from our free peers. To create something inspiring through words and have it touch many people that in time become you’re friends and supporters is something so special. We all have a want to be accepted and here the forgotten have that chance along with new beginnings, new relationships, and a chance at regained self worth! Thank you to all of you who are followers of this site and I hope I too will meet new people that can have a positive affect on my life! I have 2 years left but have been in and out of prison numerous times and I’m working towards making this my last…. I hope u will check out my next post and give me some feed back, it will be called the “Power Within”…thank you and gd night, my contact info is

Paul Pittman #814851 h-3/A-6L
Stafford Creek Corrections center
191constantine way
Aberdeen, WA 98520
Or directly using and e-mails can be sent and received.

Paul Pittman
DOC #814851

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