Ernest Ripoli



Alex, today you are 8 years old & your dear ol’dad wanted to tell you, & how much I love you and miss you.

I wish I could have called you too, but it’s up to your mom if she will EVERlet me have a relationship with you & Austin—your big brother—just had turned 10 years old.

Anyway’s Alex hopefully someday you & Austin will find out that I have always loved you two, & have NEVER stopped thinking of ya.



I just got back from the Hospital out on the sreet just now.

I got to see my heart thru altra-sound.
Hopefully my heart is alright.

I just think I have a broken heart,ha ha.


I am not a bad man, just a fuck up & I’m sorry.


DOES anybody remember ODIE from Pierce county of Washington state?
6ft 4,long blond hair, blue eyes
Strange but goofy & loved to flirt with the ladies & fun.
So, if you know me please drop me a note or if not I like to meet new folks.

I’m looking for some extra support in this time.
I know that my kids need me & I am worried that I may not get out of prison alive due to a heart condition, where not enough oxegen is getting to my heart.


I’m sorry for letting you down & leaving you the way I did.
If you can’t email me back—then you know you can always drop me a letter.
I am not the same man as you want to remember,& I like who I am now.
The only part that is missing from my life is a relationship with my boys & my daughter that’s somewhere in Yakima Vally somewhere.

I have one friend & he too has a life of his own, but I am & have been alone for a long time—especially for the last 7 years I’ve been down.
I still got some time to do,but I’m not gonna waste it on hating on you & our past.
I will always love you, but I can Never be with you.
You take care & give my love to my boys.

Ernest Ripoli
DOC #723014


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  1. Love you too Ernest ….I’m not going to get into detail about why I haven’t been in contact with you or your mother via the whole world to see so get ahold me Take care . .Sarah


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