Steve Anderson

Part ~ 2- Words for God only


MEANING, ~~~ Polythesists, pagans and disbelievers in the oneness of God and his messenger depen on things of creation then the creator, ( yes God its o nly one just as its only one of you.

The End.

[ Yes its consequences in death ]

We must come to exknowledge on bringing our selves to understand the many conseequences that comes with death.

Some good others very distasteful to ones heart and soul,. and very none existence to living a healthy life.

Isn’t better to know then not~?~ I know many will say what I don’t know can’t hurt, or kill me, {wrong} being disrespect will do both.

Every death has its consequences, more so in the way the dead continues to live on, afterwards was always so defferent, who do you keep alive ~?~.

Some just disappeared quietly, no one asked for them, no one missed them, with some it was as if they never existed,

In having a life, one must interact with other people, in doing so trophy memorys are developed within ones heart, good music for ones soul also.

I’ll also gives one bragging rights of the event that took place, and the ones that partook in the festivities, that was created that day.

It just seems to me that dieing alone would be so painful, cause you leave nothing with others,

And im sure you would then be working away from Gods plan in many ways, I’m also sure you heard this, its someone for everyone.

Other seemed to be more alive in death then in life, with all the commotion, the dead investigation, the endless words from friends and strangrs that dent get air time out loud.

Words ae repeated over and over again, yes that’s also keeping one that passed away [ ALIVE ].

Your breathing and then a moment later your not breathing at all, many other actident could take place that also brings death.

At any rate its going to be painful, very painful, or no pain at all.

It also depends on how your living, your history, in the words you use, and

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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