Ramone Echols

It’s Been How Long…

I was laid up in the hospital two weeks ago only a couple of hours after surgery on my back , watching Kobe go for SIXTY against Utah in his last game with the ” W ” , and found myself saying to myself , ” man I wish I could be blogging about this show he’s putting on right now . ” This is the same night that Golden State was breaking the Bulls 72 wins , and I’ll say it again. I was about five hours removed from the operating table getting my back busted open , in a haze on 15mgs of oxy , and the only thing on my mind was blogging about what the MAMBA was doing. Then it dawned on me. I haven’t blogged since my year end review. Yeah , it finally happened. I finally got my back fixed. I had a proceedure called a Laminectomy. They cut my lower back open , and went in there to relieve the pressure on a couple of nerves. I didn’t have to get anything fused so my recovery time will be a little quicker , but it’s still going to take a while. Also , I’ve been back up walking since the day after the surgery as well. There was this BEAUTIFUL nurse’s aid that came into my room and she had to dump my urinal. I was sooooooo embarressed by that because I am a very prideful person that I had to start getting up going to the bathroom on my own , and she’s way too BEAUTIFUL to be dumping urinals. So she was more of a motivation to me than my pride was. Women. They make the world go ’round LMAO. I’m doing well though. I go to physical therapy mon – fri 8 – 9am , so I’m coming along. Now , about that man Kobe. That last game was MASTERFUL !!! I’ve watched him his whole career , and to me this goes into his top three performances. I’ve been in prison his whole career , so unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to see him play in the United Center. He wasn’t a Bull , but at one point in his career he wanted to be. Mike’s first Championship came against the Lakers , so that put them on my list of teams that I would never care for. But Kobe changed that for me with his drive and will to win. Peace out ” MAMBA ” , and may life be as good to you as the league and it’s fans were. SIXTY points with the W on your way out. You get a TRUE SALUTE.

Ramone Echols
DOC #725548

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