Steve Anderson


knowledge is to comprehend with certainty the reality of something..

Comprehension can be subdivided into 6, categories..

1~ Knowledge which was previously defined..

2~ A slight subtle ignorance which is the inability of comprehending something completely.

Compounded ignorance which is to comprehend ignorance, because it consists of two types of ignorance in thinking that one knows while they know not..

3~ comprehended ignorance which is to comprehend something in a manner contrary to it reailly, it is called comprehend ignorance : because it consists of two types of ignorance : an individuals ignorance of the truth and ones ignorance in thinking that they know while once again they know not.

4~ misunderstanding which is to grasp something with a type of comprehedsion which actually oppose that which is understood to be more correct..

5~ Doubt which is to grasp something with a type of comprehension which actually opposes that which is understood to be more correct..

6~ Influence which to grasp something with a type of comprehension which was is possibly correct and possibly incorrect..

Knowledge can be divided into two types of knowledge and theoretical..

The type of knowledge which is inevitable is to understand the subject matter to the extent, then an individual is forced to a specific conculusion without having to formulate theories or cite evidences like the knowledge that fire is hot for example..

Theoretical knowledge neccessitates referring to the proofs and evidences, like the knowledge that a person intention is obligatory
and must be present when making ablution..


These that have Honor to and for another standup, you’ll always be trusted, due to the policies that you have lived by and upheld with your actions and words that’s planned within your heart, it all starts there “within”.

Many many moons ago, good things happen in ones self and the world, much was downloaded into your heart and actions that have displayed loyalty to the fullest, along with the good looking out policy, caring for others is always displayed within your words and actions.

Sounds like you ? Boss up.

So people please take notes on this next statement, its never just
about you, we don’t know Gods plan it’s the Biggest of all, but you
do have a right to be put on to be apart of His plan.

Man have miss lead women, kidds about religion, well I’m not put
on dryland to force Islam on you, I’m overwhelmed I get to share
the many things I feel is (TRUTH).

so in truth please know its conditions to everything God said do,
and not to do.

√ P,S- wow, it was told to me by Steven Jennings ~ that I am
one of the leading contributor with my blog content, well that cool.

As I have said I honestly enjoy getting my words out, I been a one man team, and would like some assistance, please people for someone to kindly copies some or all my content from 12/6/2014 till the last one.

If you have the time to even do one a week, you and I will succeed.

You sending them to me by mail.
Steve Anderson # 288318
Stafford creek corrections
191- Constantine way
Aberdeen Wa – 98520
Or you can send them by ~ Jpay ° Go to Jpay. com

Well any assis I can get I would be very appreciative to one that could give me their time, my last plan ant coming to the light of reallity yet.

Please always keep in mind, for us to be better that what makes us working and assisting when we can, We call it the good looking out policy.
Take Care,

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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