Jarvais Warren

Me And My Ego

Ego- Hey wasup man!

Me- —–

Ego- Hey man! I KNOW YOU HEAR ME!!

Me- lol, yes friend, I hear you, how are you today?

Ego- Man there aint nothin to do! Im bored, lets make somethin ta eat Im hungry.

Me- yeah uh, bordem isnt hunger, remember we talked about this? No worries I have something for us to do!

Ego- Man I aint tryna do that! THATS BORING!! Thats what I was talkin about! Hey look at them dudes over there! LOOK! They starin at us laughin! They talkin about us!

Me- Naw man lol, I dont think they were looking this way. They’re just telling jokes to pass the time relax.

Ego- Naw man, they laughin at you! Im sure of it! Just go punch one of’em. Then we’ll be laughin!

Me- You see, this is why I was ignoring you. Your wasting so much energy on this situation you just made up! I feel my body temperature rising.

Ego- what you gettin all hot for? You scared? HAH! Thats it, you scared!! Your twice there size and they laughin at you because they know your scared! Go over there and shut’em up! Remember that time in school when those kids laughed at you!!!??? GO KNOCK’EM OUT!!!

Me- Lmao! LOOK! They’re not even sitting at the table no more, goodbye for now, I’ll talk to you later when you catch me with my gaurd down.

Ego- Alright alright I’ll quit! I was just playin dont ignore me again. Hey You still there!? HEY!!!! Whatever man, I can wait. You can’t ignore me all day.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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