Dickie Oppen Jr.


It is by an intericate design of nature that success is a condition
that must be pursued and not attracted… We achieve rewards,
and we make progress not by our intense pursuit….but by
what we become .

We live in an environment in which there are laws, just as there
there is a law of gravity. If you fall off a buiding, it doesn’t matter
if you’re a good person or a bad person. You’re going to hit

I’ve been involved with many programs that are sponsored by
DOC and I have facilitated a good number of them as well.
This dog program is in a class of it’s own. Why would I say
that, you might ask.

I would have to say I found a new kind of resonsibility.
Taking care of something other then my needs.
Today it’s feed my dog. Take him out to go to
the bathroom no matter what time it is. and
just love and be his friend.

I have been in prison for years and I have become a person
of habit and those habits sometimes become distorted in
a negative way. Having a dog in my cell is a lot like having
a child Some would say.

I have only been in this program for two months and I feel
different. Like a sense of some personal change. This program
has helped me look into my personal space. Sometimes we
think to ask ourselves how we are feeling.

Our emotions are
valuable tools that can tell us what we are feeling and thinking:
Anger and even pride are negative emotions.

In the Dog Program
we have to lern to take a negative emotion and turn it into positive
emotion like Desire….Enthusiasm…..Faith…..Joy….etc etc….
My trainer tells me what ever your emotion is it BLEEDS DOWN
THE LEASH. Be aware of your emotions.

Robinson Crusoe once said, ” I am the master of all I survey.”
So I came to the freedom tails program with an open heart
and I an learning how to appreciate others opinions.

it’s not as easy as it looks. I sit in a wheelchair an train
from it. Some would say I can’t do it because of the types
of training that is needed to be done.

Well I have changed their opinion and now they see it is hard
work but I am told on a daily basis just how wrong they were.
I was going to quit because of the bad emotions I was feeling
but today that changed.

One of my biggest critics said to me
You have surpasses my wildest expectations. If you quit I will
be disapointed. This made me stronger and I will continue
and strive to be the best I can be.

Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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