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Prison Days

Wasup y’all? I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & soul.

Today is Sunday, once again another rainy day out here in Aberdeen,WA. Sometimes it seems like the rain never stops. It was nice earlier, the sky was beautiful blue, it was dry, then about an hour ago it started coming down again.

I hope that it stops by tonight, I want to go out to yard and run some laps, I missed gym today because I stayed up until 3am kickin it with my celly. So I was tired, if it rains tonight I will just have to do some cardio in my cell.

I have been getting so many compliments on the weight I have lost and how hard I exercise. People keep saying “You slimmin down” or “I see how hard you get it in the cardio room’ or “Man you covered in sweat, what was you doin?” or “I seen you out on the yard running today, how many laps you get in?”

It makes me feel good to know that my hard work and effort is paying off, it motivates me to keep going.

take care


Hey what up?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & health.

I have some information from Jpay, you know the company that we use email services through and get our music players from.

They came up here a couple of days ago & had a meeting with some of the people who are locked up’s representatives & staff here.

The question an answer session they had is 3 pages long, so it is too long to write until my player is able to log back ontothe computer, but when I can log back on, I will post it for you.

The session addressed all the problems we are having with these news players and the email, and the company and future features we would like to have, so you get a better idea of the drama witht this company


Wasup y’all? I hope this reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, soul & spirit.

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Jonathan Gordon
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