Jonathan Gordon

Prison Days

Good afternoon everybody, how y’all doin?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, soul & health.

Today is Tuesday. I don’t know about anybody else but this month has gone by pretty fast for me. I have some good new, my parents & family have raised enough money to hire me an appeals attorney. I am very excited about that, I am thankful to God that things are finally starting to go my way.

My dad has also hired a private investigator for me, which is also a blessing, a lot of times private investigators are the catalyst that gets things in motion and brings about change.

It’s rainy out there today, yesterday it was nice I went out & played basketball for a couple of hours, then later that night I went to the gym & worked out arms & upper body.

Everyone has been telling me how much weight I have lost, I started at about over 260 pounds, now I am 220 something, in just 5 1/2 months I have lost a lot of weight. People also keep on telling me how hard they see me working out, and complimenting me on my dedication. It makes me feel good.

The other day I went outside and ran for about 1 hour & 18 minutes, I was planning on running for about an hour and a half, but they closed yard earlier that night & made the whole prison lock down. But I was satisfied with what I did.

Take care until next time.


Wasup? I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & health.

I am glad to say that I have some new art I am going to post. So far I have 2 drawings already done, I have another 2 some one is working on right now, hopefully it will be done this week so I can send it out, & I have 2 more pieces that I am waiting for the dude to draw as soon as he finishes what he is currently working on.

I hope that you enjoyed the pieces that I previously posted, I hope also that I can get more art to showcase in the future.

My ultimate goal is to have an online art gallery with as many drawings as possible. Hopefully in the future when things pick up momentum that I can get people to donate bigger, more intricate pieces.

Please remember to post comments and feedback to the art & let us know what you think, the artists need the encouragement & to let people know their peices touched you. thanks.

Praise to God, I thank God for everything
take care


Hello everybody how are you doing?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body & spirit.

Today is Thursday. Today we had the Black History Month event here at Stafford Creek. There was almost 300 people in attendance including incarcerated people, guest visitors from the outside & prison staff.

It was a good event, Dr. Gilda Sheppard who is a professor at Evergreen College in Tacoma, a documentary film maker, activist & a volunteer teacher at the Monroe Prison in Monroe,WA was the keynote speaker, she gave a nice speech.
I know her from when I was a student in one of her classes when I was incarcerated in Monroe.

The superintendent/warden of this prison Margaret Gilbert, is an African American woman was also a student of Dr. Sheppard, so they have a close relationship.

The food was really good, way better than last year it was almost like a homecooked meal. We had:
1 fried chicken breast
1 fried/bbq chicken leg
rice with bbq sauce
peach cobbler
and grape & cranberry juice

We also got these nice programs they made for us, I will post them so you can see.
It is almost time to go to yard & work out.

Take care, have a nice day.


What’s goin on everybody?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & health.

It turned out to be a nice day here, the rain finally stopped. I missed yard this afternoon because of an appointment, but tonight it is looking good so I am going out.

Dinner tonight was nasty so I didn’t bother to go. I hope I can catch some basketball on TV later. March madness in college is coming up soon. I am excited about that. anyway it is time for yard, I will get at you soon, take care


Hello everyone, what’s crackin with you?
I hope that this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, soul & spirit.

Today is the blessed day of Friday for muslims called Yawm al-jumu’ah. Yawm means “day” and Al- Jumu’ah means “of gathering”.
Our sponsor Ridwaan is a beautiful brother, in the 3 months he has been coming up to visit us, things have really changed in the community.

The new superintendent/warden Margaret Gilbert has been working with him to change the things that we have been denied that we have a religious right to under DOC policy and state law, so that is good that she is willing to do that. The old superintendent/warden Pat Glebe didn’t care about none of that, infact he encouraged his staff to intentionally go out of their way to violate staff.

Ridwaan is from Morocco, he comes from a family of scholars, so his experiences coming form an islamic village & studying all of his life are irreplaceable. Also he speaks Arabic as his native tongue, so it helps us get a feel for the way things are supposed to be said, and he gives us insite into the meaning of words that only an Arab speaker can.

Thank God for life, family, food, health, water, air & everything.
I ask God to forgive me & all the believers in him for our sins & wrong doings.


What up, what up y’all? it’s me again. I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, spirit, body & health.

Last week someone whom I had done time wih in Walla Walla, and who is well known throughout the system & Seattle named Shay Tee was killed by the Seattle police.

His brother is also an internationally known celebrity named Gorgeous Dre, y’all ever heard of him?

Shay Tee just got out of prison not to long ago after doing a long time.

It’s time for dinner gotta go

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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