Randy Brennan

Can something wild and free live in captivity?

Is it possible that within all creatures held captive, that something wild and free still lives within and not just the longing and memories of freedom?

I was spiritually moved today standing in the yard asking myself those questions as I watched two mallard ducks in our outside recreation yard. I studied them annd was mesmerized by their movements as they moved their bills back and forth just under the surface of the water, picking through the marshy grass. I studied their colors–the male with his brown chest,, grey body, and black and green head, and the signature white ring around his neck. And the female with her brown and tan mixture of feathers covering her whole body.

I noticed as the female tilted her head to the side and appeared to be scanning the sky as she and the male both stopped their feeding and settled down sitting perfectly still in the marsh. Looking up I saw the reason why. Two big hawks were circling high overhead. There are plenty of eagles around too, as we are very near to a bird sanctuary. Being a part of this woke up the spiritual connection that I felt with nature as a kid. Was my presence the only reason why the hawks did not swoop down for a meal?

I found it ironic to be standing so close to something so wild and free within the confines of a prison compound. These animals taught me something today. They taught me that their freedom was their choice, they sat there behind the same barbed wire fence as me, yet they were not jaded by it. The environment could not rob them of that which makes them wild and free.

Creator and creation can speak to you like this. All that is required is to be still, listen to His natural teachings, and keep an open mind.

Randy Brennan
DOC #875668

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