Jonathan Gordon

What’s crackin everybody? How is everything goin? I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body & spirit.
Sorry for the delays again, I have been having more technical difficulties messing with this Jpay again. I usually am able to sit in my room or wherever & send messages, but my new player is locked up somehow, I sent a message to Jpay so they could fix it. They took about 9 days to respond & still didn’t fix the problem, now I have to play this game with them like always and send another message and wait again for them to act stupid.

Today is Monday, the last day of the February.
The weather is starting to get a little better, it is not as cold & it’s not raining so much. I have been able to go outside & run laps & play basketball more, so that is good.

Anyone else keeping up with the run for the president & the debates and stuff? I do, but I don’t blog about politics because I don’t know too much about it to be doing all of that. But watching the different speeches & debates is interesting.

Well it is about time for breakfast, hopefully the first round of food packages come next week when we get store. My family ordered my nothing but cold cereal & coffee, so praise to God I am thankful for that.

Take care & have a good day.

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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