Jarvais Warren

Tha Hole

So I went to the hole, but it wasn’t my fault!

Now I know everybody says that but really it wasnt my fault, they said they no choice but to take everyone that worked in that area to the hole. So I spent the weekend in the hole not knowing if Im was going to get sent back to regular prison.

Now the reason why the hole works sooo good is because there is nothing really to do in there but read and think. And usually thinking will override you reading anything. Your thoughts will take control over you and give you soo many ways that things can go wrong for you. LOL Really thats not that different from normal everyday life. But this is the main reason people want to avoid the hole, because your in there with your inner worried voice. So when I got out on Monday people were like “Man, I know you was stressin!!!” I told them “LOL, naw, I meditated.”

Ofcourse they didnt believe me. But thats the key! The key is to “Not” Think!! Live in the moment and know that where I am at this moment is where I am suppose to be. I made the best of the situation, since I would be doing little to no moving, I use the time to fast and not eat. LOL some guards thought I was mad, another thought I felt guilty, Nope, neither. I felt nothing but the bliss in the current moment :). Im glad for the time I spent there. Thank you hole.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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