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One problem I have with people using religion to try to better themselves in prison is that it doesn’t automatically result in change. In fact, often times, the Christian message is (or becomes, rightly or wrongly): You’re just great the way you are. God loves you. Now just worship and say some magic words, and everything will magically work out in your life.

But it doesn’t work like that. Change is really hard, and it often takes years and hard work and LOTS of self-criticism. That’s definitely what it took for me.

Dan Turner
DOC# 767569

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  1. Hi Dan

    I follow and enjoy your blog and this piece stands out to me. I am a therapist and consistently see people’s blocks and fears are caused by their belief’s.

    Writing that having a belief of religion usually eliminates parts of science and other important things that we know to be true

    I can confirm that positive change is easy as a child a little more of a challenge later in life

    If you truly want to make change it is free and on YouTube.com Guided Imagery can transform out thoughts and our thought become things and we can develop from there

    When I take in a new case I ask clients to find one minor area that they would find relief from 75% of my clients (who follow through and use it daily) that with in a week or our next session they are thrilled that it worked

    Read The Biology of Belief. Scientist Bruce Lipton explains why

    All the best

    Scott Cooper CCHt

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