Steve Anderson



Why do I care so much ? cause I have seen what’s next
over and over again and the bad guy’s has all the fake answer’s, your the Move, also know as a Mark, a Sucker.

its cool to share your vision but their’s can’t be your’s
you must do your homework and bring yours in to reality,
it’s also called making up your own Mind.

And just because I have my reasons let me make this
very clear it anit pity of no shape or form, its many just
as I that cares, and that can see whats ahead on this
road your traveling down, anit nothing cool about { 0 }

I been a bad guy for many years, and living in the dark
world “the street’s” the nght life” with gang member’s hustler’s, pimp’s, and hoe’s, dopeheads [ no dissrespect ] dopeslunger create’s the party with a differant language
its called putting in work.

Blowing your potential of having a successful life anit
something to be proud of, it’ll makes you a fool to think
you got brangin rights by being a nothing, and please don’t
justifiy to doing and being nothing that look so very bad.

Be willing to help yourself at all times, yes it will be a
rough journey but its yours and others will assist you, but
to settle is to also say I give up on working hard so you
can have a healthy life.

The streets will chew you up, then swallow you and your
plan up, out there people don’t give f-ck about you and
many are gamed up and want something from you hint ! !

On these streests you’ll be the prey, the real Boss
never share their success storys.
Did you hear that last part?
and bad Guys never share their success money…
PUT ON,” ( oh one might give you a JOB doing drit (wrong that is) WOW!
what one does for pennys, you hold a special skill God gave it to you
check your self, ( Do your homework by putting youself on ).



Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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