Jonathan Gordon


Self Destruction
enveloped in corruption
can’t tell a muh f**k nuthin
but the same muh f**ka always wanna speak
under the illusion of being tough, suckas prey upon the weak
but watch em slough, watch they tight ship leak
then watch the tight ship get to sinking
because they prone to react without thinking
walking around this earth without even the slightest inkling
of any true purpose
without any knowledge, understanding or wisdom
mindlessly engaged in whatever worldly material pursuit fits them
are you your own worst enemy?
do you got a bad incurable case of tunnel vision?
is your mind bent on separation & division?
decision after decision you found yourself being made into a spectacle
to the point others wonder if you ain’t no good & if you ain’t nothing but a trash receptacle
now seriously ask yourself does committing crimes against other people make you a bad a** & respectable?
put it all into perspective bro
switch it on up before you burn all your bridges & other people is forced to let cha go
then what? you on stuck, left all alone feelin miserable, lookin pathetic & terrible
the difference between being smart & being your own worst enemy is incomparable
so now to get my point across, I’m gonna put forward this little parable
people fall in love with self destructive behavior like they been struck with some kind of pheromone
but when it comes down to the bare bones
having to suffer the cold consequences of actions is like stepping into the terror dome
with hands ties behind your back & a blindfold over the eyes
people say they don’t give a “sh**” that “it’s whatever” & they’ll never change, but those is all lies
eventually you get beat down & sick of all the lows
because a person can only take so many blows
and God knows
a majority of your problems was self-inflicted
now you got the nerve to turn around blame others & feel bitter towards the world & vindictive
because of drama after drama, & not being able to stay up out the mix
all the fun,good times, & doing whatever you wanna is really nothing but a bag of tricks
that come back with a vengeance & with a vicious bite
quick to humble a man or a woman & take out all their fight
my man, when we gonna learn to get it right?
you aware that these nosy cats is waiting for you to be caught slipping so they can drop a kite
then before you know it, them people fixin ta come at you with all they might
and it’s a done dada
the chances of always being able to slip, slide & skate through the crack is slim to nada
then what?
you full of regrets & “I won’t do it agains”
and that joke lasts, just until you once again get up around you friends
then the remorse, sorry & regret ends
and you finds yourself smiling, laughing & back at it again
maybe when you get a chance, you should sit back & compare your gains, losses & wins
then ask yourself is it worth it, to be caught up in this game of pretend?
you pretend you ain’t doin nothin wrong
you pretend you can go on forever in error
you pretend that you know what’s best
and you pretend that you got the biggest heart up in your chest
but in reality you can put all that noise to rest
because…you might be your own worst enemy, if you hadn’t already have guessed.

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Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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