Jonathan Gordon


are you willing to let go
sacrifice to make it right
mack it right to name your price
if the facts is right than stack it nice
no whackish slice, crack the ice
splash it with spice
and then raise the bar shed light like a blazin star
custom made’s on par where the highest grades are
setbacks can’t faze the heart the tools blades is sharp
if need be plays the part to get point across
never officially been annointed a boss
but time in the joint’s not lost
flippin coin like a toss in the sauce
on band wagon to join first thing smokin
smokin like ash smolderin
keep on stroking keep on solderin
don’t worry about what your peers is indulged
it’s not your bizz to stick your nose in
because that’s neither there just remember to always
keep your composure
keep blowin up, keep up the explosion
and I’m fueled up like jet propulsion
so watch as I blast off
watch as I cast off
brush off shove off
all dead weight it keeps ya in place like an anchor
carry more weight than a tanker
full of crude
always in the mood
to step it up when brainstormin with the brood
messages never lascivious or lewd a new dude not engaged no feud
come with open heart, not welded shut or fused findin the courage to expose it all like he nude
some say that he might come off aggressive or rude
what’s important is what the message spewed
like a boilin bubblin broth
keep some tricks hiding in my sleeve like a moth
eventhough these days in a cell barely rotatin, be moving like a sloth
see cats around, everybody know, that we not cut from the same cloth
what halpens when skeletons in the closet is posthumously exhumed
then you realize, innocence is never presumed
even with setbacks & pauses, life has gotta be resumed
softer than a plume
on a parrot
not equal to no weasels or no ferrets
on a different level you can’t even compare it
when you bout to get outshined, just grin n bear it
like Barrett
like it and share it
credentials and merit
shining carats
like it came from Jared’s

commandos, in motion
under the guise of visitors
takin control of the situation like the conquistadors
hotter than a Sonoma Desert lizard’s turds
wisdom & experience mixed in with exquisite words
spittin magic, like a wizards curse
they actin like his vision’s perverse
but he proving he official
it’s not essential
for another man to give him validity
or credentials
you gotta make your own path to reach ya potential
the fruits of your labor can reach unknown exponential
and factors
so keep it ploughing ahead like a tractor
smash all rebellions down like a trash compactor
don’t got no time to play the role with no actors
this is real life we livin, intouch with gallery an array of backers
downloadin success into our systems like hackers
so we can live a food life with more cheese than the packers

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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