Inmate Poems


I don’t call it “Pacing”,
I’m just Tracing steps from before…
I walk to see
Where I don’t want to be anymore

As the Kardashians
Become “The Jones'” for the World to “Keep-Up”,
And Hustlers abuse the same Vices
We once used to Re-Up,

Distracted Drivers, Text Messages
To people, Distracted Living
And You could GPS The Truth,
Yet most prefer to leave it Hidden…

When The REAL, now –
Is usually ONLY ignored
Making me rather talk to myself,
When conversations will leave you bored

Can’t look in eachothers’ Eyes…
There’s TOO much “Awk-ward”-ness
When EVERY head’s down in a phone
As WE turn into Social Ostriches

Is like a Social Auschwitz,
Aint it Crazy,
How Life has become so Preposterous?

Johnnie Walters Jr.
DOC #820185

aka Stackwell

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