Jarvais Warren

there is no spoon

I use to work in the kitchen washing the pots and pans. It was peaceful, i was in a room by myself with plenty of time to do the job. Some days were slow, and some days were really fast with pot and pans coming so fast that they would be as high as my chest.

On my days off the worker would need help on the busy days, or they rushed through it and the pots didnt get cleaned, and the next crew complained. I finished everyday at the same time, with no help and no complaints.

One day, on a busy day (biscuits and gravy day) the pots and pans came so fast that I didnt even have time to stack them so they were everywhere! The boss asked if I needed help this time, i say no.

This dude sticks his head in the room and says “Man! How do you finish all this in time! And how come even if its not a busy day you finish at the same time.”

I say “I finish at the same time everyday so i dont have to sit around and wait til will go home, I dont like sitting around.” (you just sit around after everythings done for bout 30 mins)

He goes “But how do you finish today in time?! Every Pot is dirty in here!”

I say “Its all an illusion”

he says “Time? Or the pots and pans?”

I say ” Both! Remember the matrix? The key to bending the spoon is to realize there is no spoon?”

Then he looks at me like I said something crazy so I just told him, on these days I just go really fast.

Jarvais Warren
DOC #353338

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